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Lamaze Cow Chorus

Lamaze Cow Chorus is a fun, musical toy for infants and toddlers, we were kindly sent this to review and which features:

  • Touch Sensor Panels To Activate Music
  • Choose Between A Mooing Cow Singing Or Cow Bells Playing It
  • Little Bird Has Extra Sound Effects
  • Suitbale For Ages 1 Years And Up
  • RRP £22.99

Lamaze Cow Chorus is an easy and fun toy for infants and toddlers. UnderTheChristmasTree received this toy to put it to the test and see just how fun and easy this toy was for kids.

When we first opening up the Cow Chorus game there was a lot of ‘Aww isn’t that cute’ in the office. To look at, the cow has a pink nose and mouth, orange horns, purple ears and tail, music notes on its body and there is a yellow bell and a very sweet little bird sitting on his back. The bird is blue and has a yellow circle on his belly with a pink line going down it and  an orange beak.

To turn on this toy you simply switch the switch which is found on the bell to either side and you will hear either the cow ‘mooing’ or your will hear the cows bell if you switch it to the other side. Once you have done this you can start pressing the cows tummy and the little bird sitting top of the cow to activate the fun sounds. There are lots of different sounds for you to hear such as crinkle, squeakers and jingles.

Cow Chorus require 2 x AAA batteries which are included in the box – which we thought was pretty handy as the one thing that we always forget is batteries! It easy to remove from the box, you just get a pair of scissors and snip the ties at the back of the toy which  attaches it to the box and it will come out of box nice and easily.

Overall we can see youngsters having lots of fun with it, its easy to set up and with lots of different sounds it will encourage children’s imagination and helps to encourage hand and eye coordination.

Lamaze Cow Chorus Reviews

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