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LeapFrog Announces LeapReader

LeapFrog has announced the all new LeapReader, the complete learn to read and write solution for children.

The LeapReader is the next generation of learning which will help children built literacy skills and reading confidence. With LeapReader’s three essential experiences – learn to read, learn to write and learn through listening – children sound out words and read sentences, write letters with interactive guidance, and develop comprehension skills through audio books, music and more.

Learn to Read: Children learn to read by sounding out words, reading sentences and building comprehension through LeapReader books, maps and flash cards.

Learn to Write: The interactive LeapReader workbooks features audio coaching and support to help children learn the sequence of strokes and build writing fluency. The new workbooks feature revolutionary LeapFrog Learning Paper which contains ink embedded within the page fora mess-free writing solution.

Learn through Listening: LeapReader audio books, learning songs and trivia challenges support children’s comprehension skills, vocabulary and imagination. The LeapFrog LeapReader holds audio for up to 40 books or 75 songs at a tine and works with most Tag books.

The vast LeapReader library includes more than 150 engaging and fun learning experiences such as books, audio books, flash cards, maps, learn-to-write sets, music albums and trivia challenges.

The LeapReader library of content allows parents to easily personalise their child’s learning journey by choosing titles based on the child’s reading level, favourite characters or learning style. It offers parents the best and most engaging, high-quality educational solutions available to help children learn to read and write.

“For the last 18 years, LeapFrog has helped millions of children around the world to learn to read,” said John Barbour, chief executive officer at LeapFrog. “With LeapReader, we are taking the way children learn to read to the next level and adding writing to build a foundation for future academic success. Our highly experienced team of learning experts worked alongside our talented teams of designers and producers to create the ultimate reading tool and engaging content experiences that reinforce a child’s language and literacy skills. We are extremely proud of how fun
and interactive every book, workbook, map, audio book and flash card is while providing children rich and unique learning experiences.”

“The statistics are jaw-dropping – one in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade fail to graduate from high school on time, four times the rate for children with proficient third grade reading skills,” said Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, leader of LeapFrog’s Learning Team. “We know that children learn to read and write better when experienced together. LeapReader allows these skills to be practiced concurrently using physical books along with related skills like listening comprehension. With LeapReader, as children touch letters to hear their sounds and listen to words pronounced and sounded out, they build phonics and word recognition skills. Additionally, as they trace and write letters, they learn about proper stroke order and writing fluency.

The LeapReader will launch the US at major retail locations and at leapfrog.com in early July, however it is currently unknown if and when it will be released in the UK.

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