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Christmas Gift Review 2020: LeapFrog Yum 2-3 Toaster

Get ready this Christmas to serve friends and family the perfect pretend breakfast as we review NEW LeapFrog Yum 2-3 Toaster.

Image Of Leapfrog Yum 2-3 Toaster
Image credit: Leapfrog

Your little one can learn and discover not only how to make the ideal mini English breakfast but also numbers, colours, food names, recipes and much more with LeapFrog Yum 2-3 Toaster.

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Here Katy reviews and shares with you just why this would make a perfect gift for kids this festive season. “I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than to start the day off with a delicious brekkie and now your little ones can begin their day with fun with a side of learning trimmings that come with the Yum-2-3 Toaster.

“My first thoughts were that the toaster is bright, bold and full of character, especially its big gooey eyes, plus it was easy to unpack and there is no setting up to do, perfect when you have a hectic Christmas morning for entertaining the kids.

LeapFrog Yum 2-3 Toaster

Once out of the box, which you can easily throw away as there no need for instructions because of how easy the toy works, I began by filling the toaster with toast (obviously!) and moved the green button to on where I was greeted with a very animated and happy wake-up song, which children will love to sing-a-long too – sorry parents, they may want to play more than once and it is pretty loud!

Helping young ones learn about opposites the toaster then said to turn the green dial to make light or darker toast. Just like the real deal, there are three buttons on the side of the toaster, however, unlike my boring silver ones at home, these are yellow, red and purple.

Christmas Gift review 2020: LeapFrog Yum 2-3 Toaster

Pushing each of these buttons, the toaster gives out learning advice such as colours and recipes, for example, ” The berry jam is purple” and “eggs are yellow and white”. LeapFrog’s Yum-2-3 Toaster has nine pieces included: Plate, Berry Jam, Knife, Fork, 2 Slices of Toast, Egg, Toaster and even Bacon – nothing has been missed.

Amazon, £14.99: SHOP NOW

Already predicted as one of this year’s top toys for Christmas, I was super impressed with its detail, LeapFrog really has thought of it all. With core learning skills also being added your little one will not just have heaps of fun but will learn so much while doing so. I did drop the set (a quick sturdy test) and nothing broke – bonus!”

Christmas Gift Guide Kids 2020: LeapFrog Yum 2-3 Toaster

New for 2020, this is an ideal gift for any time of the year for 12+ months and above and I would certainly recommend just for the songs alone.”

If breakfast was only this easy to make all the time!

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