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Learn With LeapFrog Epic And LeapStart This Christmas

LeapFrog LeapStart Preschool is the latest interactive learning system that will get kids excited about learning, problem solving and much more. UTCT has been sent one of these, here is our thoughts on the device.

When we first received the LeapStart our initial impression was that it was well packaged.  The box was brightly coloured and showed the LeapStart on the front, along with a bunch of the fun features that the device offers.  Suitable for preschool children ages 2 years and over, there are over 30 activities in each sampler book, plus a headphone jack and much more.

Opening the box, the Leapfrog device was secured in place in a cardboard unit and a plastic cover which meant it couldn’t move or  break easily. There was a blue handle on the LeapStart which made this easy to grip for kids. Also included in the box was a Preschool Level 1 and 2 sampler book to get you started.

After following the get started help guide to set up the device which involved adding 2 AA batteries, connecting it to the computer and downloading the book companion audio – (it took us around 10 minutes to do all of these steps) now it was time to switch on the Leapfrog LeapStart.

This was really simple as we simply pressed the blue on/off button on the reading system and a green power light came on to show that the LeapStart was on, we then placed the Sampler Activity Book into the book holder and we were ready to go.

Use the stylus to navigate around the sample books tapping anywhere on the page to activate auto responses and activities, this  was great fun. The book had over 30 activities from hunting for letters, trace numbers, games, jokes, songs and even the opportunity to compose our own music; really made us see how this interactive reading system would help kids develop core and life skills at a young age all the while having lots of fun while learning!

Also included is a headphone jack, so if your kids want to play with their LeapStart but parents don’t want to have too much noise, simply plug in a set of headphones (which aren’t included) and your child can have hours of fun learning! When we were finished with the Leapfrog LeapStart we simply pressed the power off button, closed the device and stored it away.

Overall we thought that Leapfrog LeapStart reading device for preschool kids was a brilliant way to get kids learning but have lots of fun doing it.

You can buy the LeapFrog LeapStart at Smyth Toys

LeapFrog Epic is a 7 inch, 16GB tablet which is interactive and suitable for ages 4 years and up. We were kindly sent one of these, here are our thoughts.

Upon opening the tablet we couldn’t help but notice how well packaged it was, secured with a foam mat so no scratches or marks could be made. Taking it out of the box we felt that the rubber around the tablet made this easy to grip and didn’t feel like it was going to fall out of our hands easily.

Switching it on was so easy, we simply pressed the green button and were greeted with the Leapfrog logo and music being played. Working our way through the set-up guide was quick, and after following the instructions we were ready to start playing the LeapFrog Epic. There were 20 apps already pre-installed and each of these were fun and easy to play using the 7″ multi-touch capactive screen.

There are hundreds of fun learning games, apps, videos, music, eBooks and more to choose from.  Also included are loads of core subjects to choose from including maths, reading & writing, science, creativity & life skills and much more. Learning with this tablet has never been easier or more fun!

Overall we thought the LeapFrog Epic was fun, a great way to get kids learning and developing core skills.

You can buy LeapFrog Epic at Smyth Toys

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