Learn With VTech Little Love Baby Talk Interactive Doll

VTech Little Love Baby Talk Interactive Doll is the latest release from VTech and is suitable for ages 2 years and up.

UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent baby through and we couldn’t believe just how cute she was!

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When you receive baby, she will already have demonstration batteries so you can hear all of the fun interactive things Little Love can do, however we do suggest buying extra to ensure baby has not run out by Christmas morning.

Watch our step-by-step demonstration on how to set-up and play VTech’s Little Love Baby Talk Interactive Doll on our official YouTube channel below:

She has on a very stylish pink suit and hat,  both of which are like a soft fleece material.  Little Love has a dummy, bottle and 3 different fun books that you can read to her.

You can buy Vtech Little Love Baby Talk Doll at AMAZON UK

The more you talk to Baby the more words and phrases she will learn and repeat.  Not only that but little love has over 80 cute phrases that she will say such as ‘Hug Me’ ‘Mamma’ and she also has real-life sound effects such as crying, giggling and drinking noises when drinking from her bottle.  To hear her making the drinking noises, you simply press the bottle to her mouth and she will start drinking.  When using the 3 colourful baby books to teach her read and and when you do read to her she will listen and start to coo and sing along to nursery rhymes.

There is also a sleep mode on the back of this doll, to get the sleep mode you simply side the switch and you will hear Baby start to snore!  There is a reset button which can be found at the same place as the sleep mode, so if you want to teach this VTech Little Love Baby Talk Interactive Doll different words and phrases you can!

This doll is a great way to help encourage important skills for your child such as imaginative play, motor skills, role play, auditory stimulation and language skills.

Overall we think Little Love is the perfect doll for any child.  Not only does she learn but so does your little one.

What do you think of VTech’s Little Love To Talk Interactive Doll?  Comment below and let us know.

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