Lego and Sony to collaborate on Interactive toys

Construction toy group Lego are to collaborate with technology group Sony to produce a range of new Lego’s including motors and cameras.

Ever thought about playing your latest PlayStation with a LEGO remote controller? according to Network World an International Data Group these new innovations are already in prototype.

Included will be pieces which contain a camera, others will have motorized wheels which you will be able to drive it using your PlayStation remote.  Aiming to bridge the gap between toys and video games, Ganta Kondo from Sony’s research and development division said:  “Lego is concerned about losing kids to video games, “We want to keep the size small, but add interactive games.”

There was no release date mentioned as these toys are still in per-production but we can assume that this new venture by Sony and Lego will keep the gaming industry on it’s feet.

What toy range would you want LEGO and Sony to collaborate with? Tell us your thoughts and ideas using our comments box below.

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