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Lego City Sets

Below are some of the new and exciting range of Lego City sets.

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Lego have released some really exiting Lego City  sets for 2011.  Lego City Space includes the Lego City Space Shuttle, Lego City Space Centre and the Lego sets City Satellite Launch Pad. Lego teamed up with NASA to bring these kids toys sets to you to get kids more excited about science, technology and to inspire the next generation of space explorers. So you can get any of these lego city space toys and know that your child will love them!

Lego City Space Toy

Satellite Lego City 3366 Launch Pad

Lego City Satellite Launch Pad 3366 has everything that you need to rocket your satellite into space. A mini van will take you to the launch site and then it’s just a case of counting down to lift-off! Once the lego city satellite launch pad has launched the satellite and it is in orbit, tracking is easy thanks to the receiving dish and monitoring screen.

Space Lego City 3367 Shuttle

Put the Hubble Telescope into orbit with the brilliantly detailed Lego City Space Shuttle 3367. Once you’re in orbit, open up the space shuttle door and use the articulated Canadian arm to move the telescope into position. Don’t worry if it gets stuck, the astronaut can always nip out for a spacewalk and fix the problem.

Space Lego City 3368 Centre

Prepare the Lego City Space Centre 3368 rocket for blast-off! Fill the rocket with fuel, use the elevator to get the astronaut to the top of the platform and prepare or launch at the lego city space centre control centre. Start the countdown and get ready to go on another exciting and fun adventure!

These sets are no longer available.

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