Lego Duplo Cars 2 The Pit Stop 5829

Race against the fierce Francesco with the Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop 5829 which contains:

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  • lightning mc queen
  • francesco
  • accessories
  • 54 lego duplo pieces
  • suitable for ages 2 – 5 years
  • Available from

Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop 5829

Get set for the race of your life against the fierce Francesco! On the new Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop 5829 set. Lightning McQueen will zoom for the finishing line with the help of his trusty friends Guido and Fillmore, prep your lego duplo 5829 car at the garage and zoom to victory!

The Pit stop cars 2 lego duplo features 54 big colourful building bricks, Lightning McQueen himself, Guido, Francesco, exclusive Fillmore and the pit stop scenery. The Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop will be one of the hottest toys  in the lego duplo sets.

Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop 5829 is suitable for ages 24 months to 5 years old and because lego duplo toddler toys are made for younger hands their products are all very safe, sturdy and colourful.

What to expect in the Box?

Here is a list of what you will find in this kids toys box when it arrives:

  • 54 Lego Duplo Bricks
  • Lightning McQueen, Guido, Francesco, Fillmore
  • Scenery, Station

Specifications of Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop 5829 Toddlers Toys

Below is a list of the specifications for Lego Duplo Cars 2 the pit stop 5829 toddler toys.

  • Measures over 13′ (33cm) wide and 6′ (15cm) tall
  • Cars all measure over 3′ (7cm) long and 2′ (5cm) tall
  • Fuel pump measures over 5′ (12cm) tall and 2′ (5cm) wide
  • Suitable for 2-5 year olds

Lego Duplo Cars 2 the Pit Stop 5829 Reviews

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