Lego Friends

Designed for girls the new Lego Friends make building bricks beautiful and with 5 Friends to collect you will have some real girly fun.

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Join Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia on some brilliant adventures which take place in the stunning Heartlake City. Whether you are helping Mia with the animals, Emma with new styles, Andrea with her song lyrics, Stephanie with some new fun event or Olivia with a crazy invention there is a minifigure character for everyone.

These new Lego sets will be some of the hottest girls toys for 2012 and are suitable for children age 5 to 12 years. Grab a milkshake and head over to Olivia’s house for a good old girly gossip.

Lets Meet the Girls

Introducing Lego Friends Olivia, Mia, Andrea, Emma and Stephanie

Let us introduce you to your new BFF below:

Olivia: the geeky girly girl who loves science, her friends, history and more. Olivia is great at computers and never forgets her homework. Her favourite colour is pink and her friends think she is sometimes stubborn. Olivia wants to be a scientist or engineer and her motto is “It’s easy, or at least we can figure it out.” We think Olivia could be our favourite Lego Friends character!

Mia: the animal lover who’s adores the colour green and loves being outdoors. She has two dogs called Jacky and Scarlett and a horse called Bella. Mia’s favourite motto is “Let’s get to work” and will usually be found hanging out at Heartlake City Vet Clinic where she loves to take care of all the animals.

Andrea: the pop star loves spicy food and of course milkshakes, she loves to sing, dance and take part in theater some may even say she is a bit of a drama queen! Her favourite colour is blue and she loves rabbits. You can usually find Andrea at the local heartlake City Park Café or on stage preforming.

Emma: the fashionista of the group simply loves everything girly from fashion, to yoga and given make-overs! Her favourite colour is purple and she will never be seen without clothes and accessories to match! Just like every girly girl her motto is: “That’s SO you!”and will usually be found in her Design studio.

Stephanie the social butterfly loves chatting, cupcakes and organizing events. She has two pets a bunny called Daisy and a dog called Coco and her favourite colour is yellow. Stephanie wants to be a journalist or party planner and will usually be found at her outdoor kitchen or car where she will be planning yet another event. Stephanie’s life motto is “It’s all under control… Almost!”

These new girls toys are suitable for ages 5 and older.

Lego Friends Andrea’s Stage 3932

Andrea loves to sing, dance and play the piano for all of her friends and family. The whole of heartlake city turns out to see her! Andrea out of all the lego friends girls has always wanted to be a sat and with Lego Friends Andreas Stage 3932 she can begin to be one.

Lego Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop 3187

Why not head to the Lego friends butterfly beauty shop 3187 shop for some new lipstick, make-up and some new hair accessories.

There’s lots of hair bows, sunglasses and lots more to make you look perfect.You also get a purse and money bill to pay for the other Lego friends makeover!

Lego Friends Heartlake Dog Show 3942

It’s time for Mia to showcase her pooches at this years most anticipated event the heartlake dog show! Help Mia groom and guide her dogs through tricky obstacles and win the show with the Lego Friends Heartlake Dog Show 3942 toy.

Lego Friends Heartlake Vet 3188

Help nurse those poor sick animals better with Mia! with Lego Friends Heartlake Vet 3188 you will receive all the necessary equipment to get those lovable animals fighting fit again.

Featuring a whole host of accessories such as thermometer, clipboard, ice pack, X-Ray, scales and many more you can help assist the vet with all the feeding and caring of the animals.

Lego Friends City Park Cafe 3061

Andrea works part time at the well known City Park Cafe where she also invites her friends for a milkshake and burger. When Andrea is not daydreaming about becoming a pop star she loves to chat and cook up a tasty treat for her friends…but don’t forget you Lego money brick so you can pay.

Lego Friends City Park Cafe 3061 is the perfect meeting spot for you and your friends.

Lego Friends Olivia’s House

Olivia lives in the high end of Heartlake in the Heartlake Heights neighborhood with her parents Peter and Anna. When all the girls want to spend time together Olivia’s house is perfect as the rooms are huge and they can even sunbathe on the roof!

Lego Friends Olivia’s House 3315 set has over 600 pieces and comes with an array of amazing accessories.

Lego Friends Olivia’s Inventors Workshop 3933

Lets get inventing with Lego Friends Olivia’s Inventors Workshop 3933 If you love experimenting then this is the perfect set for you. Olivia is probably one of the busiest characters from Lego Friends sets.

Olivia makes lots of things in her inventors workshop and has cleverly invented her own robot! She loves tinkering with new things! Write plans on her chalkboard and wire the robot on the workbench!

Lego Friends Mia’s Puppy House 3934

Get charlie ready at the Lego Friends Mia’s Puppy House before the big show! Bring back first place and stick your ribbon inside the puppy house.Mia loves to look after her furry companions and would happily spend all day and night looking after her best friends. The whole of heartlake love to visit Mia’s Puppy House.

Lego Friends Stephanie’s cool convertible 3183

Scoot about in the Lego Friends Stephanie’s Cool Convertible 3183 which has to be the coolest ride in Heartlake city!. This toy features a mini Stephanie doll and her pet puppy coco.

Lego Friends Olivia’s Tree house 3065

Join Olivia in her secret hideout the Tree house! Lego Friends Olivia’s Tree house 3065 will let you and the rest of the group make plans, feed her cat and even wish upon a star.

These sets are no longer available.

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