Lego Lord Of The Rings Gandalf Arrives 9469

Recreate the first meeting between Gandalf and Frodo with the Lego Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives 9469 set which features:

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  • 2 minifigures – Gandalf and Frodo
  • Horse and Cart
  • Accessories
  • Contains 83 pieces
  • Available At Amazon UK

Lego Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives 9469

This Lego Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives 9469 set is a representation of the first scene in the film. Frodo Baggins is awaiting the arrival of Gandalf The Grey.

When he turns up Frodo claims that “Your Late” to which Gandalf replies”A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to”.  His arrival is for his friend Bilbo Baggins 111th birthday. Every time he comes to the Shire, he sets of a load of Fireworks for the younger children to see.

In this Lego set you can recreate this exact scene. Arriving on his horse and cart, Gandalf has a barrel which has some fireworks in it. This is where they first meeting of Gandalf and Frodo takes place. This lego 9469 comes with 2 minifigures, one of Frodo and one of Gandalf the Grey. Let’s take a closer look at these figures.

Frodo: He has brown wavy hair and he has a smile on his face. he is wearing a greenish shirt and brown trousers. You can also place one of the fireworks in his hand.

Gandalf: He has on his grey wizard hat, grey shirt which has a brown belt going around, grey trousers and a grey cloak. He also has a grey beard and is carrying his staff which is brown.

The horse in this Lego Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives 9469 is brown and has a patch of white on his face. The horse is pulling the cart which is in different shades of lighter brown. The cart is carrying a brown barrel which is holding red and green fireworks. Also in the cart is a carrot and a book. The horse and cart measures 6″ (16cm) long.

Overall we were pleased with this set. It has most of the things that we would expect to see in a set which surrounds the opening scene in the film. The only thing we would have like to of seen in this set is a few more accessories but there are lots in the other sets to make up for this.

What’s in the Lego Lord of the Rings 9469 box?

  • 2 Minifigures: Gandalf the Grey and Frodo Baggins
  • Horse and Cart
  • Accessories

Specification of LOTR Gandalf Arrives Lego

  • Created by Lego
  • Based on Lord of the Rings
  • Contains 83 pieces
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and up
  • Model number 9469
  • Due for release in August

Lego Lord of the Rings Gandalf Arrives Reviews

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This is no longer available.

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