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Lego Lord Of The Rings Sets Due For Christmas Release

Lego have announced they are to release a range of Lord Of The Rings ‘Battle At The Black Gate’ sets to celebrate the new Lord Of The Rings Film in August, just in time for Christmas.

Four new sets are to be added to the lego lord of the rings collection.   These include ‘Pirate Ambush Set’, ‘Battle At The Black Gate’, ‘The Council of Elrond’ and ‘The Wizard Battle’.  All of the sets will be available to purchase in August 2013, just in time for Christmas.

As always with the LOTR sets by Lego, they are unique and extremely detailed, based entirely on specific scenes from ‘Battle At The Black Gate’.

Let’s go through the background of some of these sets.

Pirate Ambush Set is based on a scene where three of the main characters – Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas, set off through the paths of the dead to get help and support from the army of the dead. Once the king agreed to help, Aragorn and the others fought their way to take control of the enemies ships, where they then sailed to the Pelennor Fields to save Gondor and Rohan.  The set includes nine minifigures and contains 756 pieces.

Battle At The Black Gate contains six minifigures and has 656 pieces in total. The scene is based on when after the bitter defeat of the powerful Mordor army at the Pelennor Fields, Aragorn leads his loyal army of remaining soldiers to the black gate in a bid to distract the evil eye of Sauron from Frodo’s mission. The Mouth Of Sauron then tries to convince the army that their friend, Frodo had been killed and encourages them to surrender. In retailliation, Aragorn kills the Mouth of Sauron, only to find an army orcs awaiting them through the black gate.  Just as Aragorn and his army fear they cannot defeat the Orcs, the eagles arrive and kill many fell beasts.  Just as the soldiers of Rohan and Gondor feared they may loose the battle, the ring was destroyed causing the evils of mordor to loose the battle.

Containing four minifigures, The Council Of Elrond is based around a meeting of many greats including Aragorn, Gimli, Frodo and Elrond. Elvin City (Rivendell) is home to both Elrond and his daughter Arwen, and is now the meeting place to discuss how to bring down the mighty Sauron and destroy the Ring.

Finally, the Wizard Battle.  After trying to convince Galdalf to join him on his cause to control the Dark Lord, Saruman also proposed they find the ring to challenge Sauron.  Gandalf of course refused to help the evil Saruman to look for the ring and let Frodo carry on with his journey. Unfortunately for the great wizard, he was held prisoner after a battle with Saruman, until the lord of the Ea saved him.

These sets as we mentioned will be available in August 2013, will you be buying them?


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