Lego Lord Of The Rings The Mines of Moria 9473

In the misty mines of Moria lies the home of the dwarfs. Can you help the fellowship pass through the mines undetected? The Lego Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria 9473 set features:

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  • 6 minifigures including: Legolas, Pippin, Boromir &  Gimli
  • 776 construction pieces
  • Giant Cave Troll
  • Accessories
  • Suitable for ages 9 years and up
  • Available At Amazon UK

Lego Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria 9473

As they journey across the lands of middle-earth the fellowship find themselves at the mines of Moria. In the film Gandalf was not happy about going through the mines of Moria stating that “I would not take the road through Moria unless I had no other choice” but went after Frodo decided that was the way to go.

It is over run by the evil orcs and a giant cave troll. The heroic Fellowship are trying to make it  through the mines without being noticed. Unfortunately the orcs know that they are there and a battle between the two sides begins. Not only do they have to battle the orcs, but there is also a Giant Cave Troll to try and defeat! Fight them in the hidden room where Balin’s tomb sits and get as far away as possible from those mines! Can Legolas, Pippin, Boromir and Gimli escape the mines unscathed?

Lets take a closer look at the Lego Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria 9473 set. As stated above, the battle is going to take place in the room where Balin’s tomb is which is exactly the same place in the film. It will feature a set of opening doors which can be left shut to try and stop the orcs from entering the room.

The room in this Lego Lord of the Rings The Mines Of Moria 9473 set also has the tomb which measures 3″ (7cm) long an a well which also measure 3″ (7cm) long. The tomb can be opened and reveals a skeleton in the tomb which can be moved. Beside the well is also a skeleton – both skeletons are included. The Lego 9473 set has 6 minifigures and a giant cave troll, so lets take closer look at some of them:

Legolas: Everyone’s favourite elf’s clothing is just like in the film, with his green cloak and of course he has his trusty bow and arrow and he  also has long blond hair.

Pippin: Pippin is the only Hobbit included in this set. He has brownish, wavy hair and is wearing a scarf, blue jacket, brown trousers and also has a green cloak. He is carrying a grey sword to try and fight the  evil creatures

Gimli: The only dwarf among the fellowship is back in Moria and has just discovered that Balin was dead as were the rest of his folk. He is wearing a helmet, grey and brown clothing, he also has a long beard and is carrying two axes which he can use to defend Moria and fight the troll and the orcs and of course to continue his competition with Legoloas (which in the end he ends up winning the competition in the second film)

Boromir: He has been sent by his father, Denethor II, Boromir joined the Fellowship on their quest. In this set he has a blue coat on, grey trousers. He is also wearing a brown cloak, has brownish hair and is carrying a sword and a shield.

Also in this lego lord of the rings set is the giant cave troll (which we would run away in the other direction from if we seen it) It has chains and is also carrying a weapon which he uses to try and
kill the Fellowship.

What’s in the Lego Lord of the Rings 9473 box?

This is what you will receive inside the box;

  • 776 construction pieces
  • 6 x minifigures,2 skeletons, and a Giant cave Troll
  • Tomb
  • Well
  • Accessories

Specification of LOTR Mines of Moria Lego

  • Created by lego
  • Contains 776 pieces
  • Model number: 9473
  • Suitable for ages 9 years and up
  • Release date: August

This set has been limited to only 2 per customer which gives us the impression that its going to be a mighty popular lego lord of the rings the moria mines set!

Overall we were please with this lego set 9473. It is a good representation of the scene in the film. The only tiny little thing we would have liked to have seen is possibly a Frodo minifigure or a Gandalf minifigure due to the fact that they are both used a lot in the scene in the film but they will be available in other sets so they are available one way or another! Great set.

Lego Lord of the The Mines of Moria Reviews

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