Lego Monster Fighters 9463 – The Werewolf

As we all know, Major Quinton Steele is always on his A game, but unfortunately, there’s an ambush under a tree to capture the werewolf’s moonstone as the werewolf beats him to it! This set has many features, which include;-

  • 2 minifigures
  • Tree, Moonstone, Weapon
  • Werewolf has glow in the dark paws!

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Lego Monsters Flighters 9463 – The Werewolf

New to the shelves is the Lego Monster Fighters 9463 РThe Werewolf  set which hs been deemed suitable by the manufacturer for children ages 7 Р14 years

The only person who can capture the moonstone before the werewolf gets it first is you! Major Quinton Steele can only try his best, but there is an ambush under the tree where the werewolf is trying desperately to keep hold of his moonstone!

Included in the Lego Werewolf Fighters set are two minifugures РMajor Quinton Steele and the Werewolf.  Also included is the tree which has very few leaves and looks very haunting! A weapon to fight off the evil werewolf and of course the most treasured part of the entire set, the moonstone!

The tree includes an opening top ambush section where the werewolf can be placed and all you need to do to save the moonstone is fire the blunderbuss weapon! Also included in the set is Major Quinton Steele’s vehicle which will allow you to power on through and make a quick getaway with the moonstone!

The Lego Monster Fighters 9463 dimensions are 28.2 x 26.2 x 4.6 cm and weighs 318g.

When the box arrives you will see the dark and gloomy cover of the box where you will see the official ‘Monster Fighters’ logo and a large haunting moon in the background with the green glowing tree on the front.

Alongside this you will see the evil werewolf with his glow in the dark paws and the hero of the day Major Quinton Steele and his vehicle and moonstone.

What’s In The Box?

  • 2 Minifigures – Werewolf & Major Quinton Steele
  • Major Quinton Steele’s Vehicle
  • Moonstone
  • Tree
  • Weapon

Specifications for Lego Monster Fighters 9463 The Werewolf

  • Werewolf has glow in the dark paws!
  • Measures: 28.2 x 26.2 x 4.6 cm
  • Weighs: 318g
  • 243 Pieces
  • Created By: Lego
  • Model Number: 9463
  • Suitable for ages 7 -14 years
  • No Batteries Required.

Lego Monster Fighters The Werewolf 9463 Reviews

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