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Lego Piano and Musical Instruments

Hidaka pitches Lego Piano idea and is only 6,402 votes away from official Lego business review.

Masao Hidaka from Japan pitched his idea on the LEGO Cuusoo website, which allows dedicated fans to show off their fan-made creations and users can vote for their favourite creations. Those who reach 10,000 votes will be officially reviews by LEGO and one will be chosen for production every three months.

Hidaka Piano and musical instruments has already had a whopping 3,598 votes and over 800 comments to his creation. You can watch the YouTube video of the Lego Piano which has had  more than 1,870 views below;

Mascao Hidaka said: “I would like to add the Music Instruments to the Lego Products Line. Because Boys and Girls, Children and Adults, everyone love MUSIC! And I hope they will be interested in both Lego and Music.”

His idea is to also include a Grand Piano, Upright Piano and lots more teamed with well known composers as mini-figs.

With each set documentation of Architecture and Composer’s history will be included so we can learn about the piano and music.

LEGO Cuusoo has already seen LEGO Legend of Zelda and The Mini Shop series reviewed and Back to the Future(BTTF) – DeLorean Time Machine in production.

Have you submitted your LEGO idea son Lego Cuusoo? What set is your favourite? comment using our comments box below.

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