Lego Pirates of the Caribbean the Cannibal Escape 4182

Save Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner becoming dinner at the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Escape 4182 which contains:

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  • 4 minifigures
  • cannibal hut
  • accessories
  • 279 pieces
  • suitable for ages 6-12yrs
  • Available from AMAZON UK

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean The Cannibal Escape

Here’s everything you need to know about Lego 4182 set

Based on the escape from the cannibal island scene from the hit Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest which see’s Jack Sparrow and Will Turner escape the island as its almost dinner time on the island and the cannibals are hungry. Can Jack Sparrow and Will Turner get away from the cannibals and get back to the Black Pearl before they catch them?

Available  now for around £26.99 this lego 4182 has a huge 279 pieces to it. This 4182 lego cannibal escape set is suitable for ages 6 years and older. This 4182 lego set will not disappoint fans of the film as it includes 4 mini figures which are: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and 2 cannibals.  Not only that but this but the cannibal escape set has the chief’s throne, cannibal hut, 2 snakes, bone cage, bird, bones and skulls and a free poster! The cannibal hut measures over 6 inches which is 15 cm wide and 5 inches which is 12cm tall. With this Lego Pirates of The Caribbean The Cannibal 4182 set kids can turn to spoke to raise and to lower the bone cage, attach the included minifigures to the roasting spit and with this toy you can adjust the chief’s throne.

The cannibal hut is the main focus of this lego set. It looks exactly like you would expect a hut to look like from the film. It is brown and has palm trees on it and a full doorway which leads out to the back of the hut. It also has the bone cage which can hold one of the minifigures which is included with the lego 1482 kit attached to the hut. The bone cage has a door which can open and close and a change which keeps it attached to the hut. This can be moved up and down when you turn the spoke. The cannibal hut is 15cm wide and 12 cm tall.

The minifigures are replica’s of Jack Sparrow and William Turner. They have all of the features that you would expect them to have. Jack has his trusty golden compass and his headband which jack would not be without. Will Turner also has the features you would expect him to have and he also has a sword.

What will be in the box when it arrives?

Here is a list of what will be in the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean The Cannibal Escape 4182 box when it arrives at your door.

  • 4 minifigures which includes: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and 2 cannibals
  • 279 pieces of Lego
  • Chief’s Throne
  • Bone Cage
  • Cannibal Hut
  • Roasting Spit
  • 2 Snakes
  • Bird
  • Bones and Skulls
  • Free Poster

You do not need batteries in order for this toy to work.

Specification’s for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean The Cannibal Escape 4182 set

Here you will find product information about the cannibal escape 4182 including, how much it weighs when boxed, model number and more for this boys toys for 2011.

  • Product Dimensions: 19.1 x 35.4 x 5.9 cm ; 349 g
  • Product weight when boxed: 531g
  • Cannibal hut is 6 inches (15cm) wide and 5 inches (12cm) tall
  • Suitable for ages 6-12 years
  • Model number is 4182

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean The Cannibal Escape Reviews

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