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My Precious… Exactly what we all think about our beloved Lego sets! Much more than just your ordinary toy, Lego is based on a whole host of different worlds, galaxy’s and characters which bring adventure, excitement and chaos right to the front of your imagination.

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Whether you have always wanted to join forces with the Jedi’s and defeat Darth Vader once and for all, take a walk into Mordor and destroy the Lego ring or simply sit back with the girls and talk about fashion there is a set for everyone.

Below is a selection of new Lego sets, simply click on the brand you would like to see and you will be able to view what new sets are available plus view information and a up-to-date UK price comparison.

Why choose Lego?

The first Lego brick was made on January 28, 1958 and since then millions of children and adults have enjoyed using this construction store. Today Lego is still as popular as it was in 1958 and now with the increase in lego sets it has reached an even wider audience.

In 2011 Lego was the top selling construction toy. Children love the colourful easy to use lego bricks and as they can be joined in so many ways creating endless playability from the smallest child to adults. Educationally it is ideal practice using patterns, problem solving and sorting skills, when played with other children lego helps encourage team work.

Great fun and good for minds and bodies Lego in 2012 is still a firm family favourite. New releases from Lego now include favourite characters and scenes from favourite movies including Harry Potter, Transformers, Disney Cars and for the very first time a range has been introduced specifically for girls – Lego Friends follows the lives of 5 friends in Heartlake City and sets include their homes, work places, coffee  houses etc.

As with all Lego each piece can be used in any other set including right back to the first brick in 1958. Although some may have complained about lack of creativity with the new lego kits which include construction guidelines and more limited changability however following instructions again helps develop children’s minds as they construct.

For all its educational benefits the wonderful thing about Lego is that children still love it and it can be found in countless homes worldwide.

5 Reasons why we love Lego

There are many reasons why we at underthechristmastree simply love Lego and its not just because for one day we can pretend that we are actually a real life superhero who can save the universe, here are just five reasons why we love Lego;

  • Each piece is highly detailed so the characters they are supposed to be do actually look like the real thing.
  • Not one set is the same as the next making every one a new and fun experience.
  • Some of the Lego sets can be combined with others to make one massive build.
  • Customization allows you to decide what each section has in it and when your done you can rebuild and design differently.
  • Some of the sets are based around episodes from the television programme it represents meaning you can change the way events finished maybe Lex Luthor wins against Batman?

These sets are no longer available.

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