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POW! WHAM! help some of our most loved superheroes save the universe! Do you want to help the notorious master thief and sly catwoman who batman can never seem to catch? or join Lex Luthor in destroying superman with his Kryptonite invention? you can with these amazing new Lego Superheroes 2012 toys.

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Lego Superheroes sets were introduced in January 2012 and are set to be one of this years hottest kids toys with a whole host of minifigures including the joker, batman, wonderwoman, lex luther, the riddler plus plenty more you can remake famous scenes from these huge blockbuster films.

Also available is the Lego sets which are based on scenes from the specific movies and with more sets to be released in march 2012 we can’t get enough of the dc universe superheroes. Get your cape on, polish up your powers and join in all the superhero fun!

Lego Superheroes Video Game & Latest News

Lego have also announced the launch of a brand new Lego Superheroes video game which will be called LEGO Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes, the new video game will be available for the X-Box 360, Playstation 3, the Wii and Nintendo 3DS handheld console. The well known duo (Batman & Robin) will be joined by our favourite superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to save Gotham City from destruction at the hands of the notorious villains Lex Luthor and the Joker!

This new Lego Superheroes release date has not yet been confirmed but as soon as it is we will put it here on this page. These new Marvel games and sets are going to be very popular this 2012.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – Limited Edition With Lex Luthor Toy for Xbox 360

Stand along side with your favourite DC super heroes as Batman once again battles the joker.

Wander around Gotham City ,fly in the Batwing , or drive the Batmobile in this new Xbox 360 game.

Have fun with this new  Lego adventure with talking lego minifigures

Lego Superheroes Avengers Hulks Helicarrier Breakout 6868

Thor and the Hulk have Loki captured on board the Avengers Hellicarrier.  Help get Loki out by using the exploding containment function then use the jet fighter to get away.

Will the Avengers keep Loki locked up and trouble free in this 389 piece set?

Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle

Help some of The Avengers stop Loki on his mission to destroy the Earth by using the Ultra high-tech Quinjet which can fire missiles and more.

Lego Superheroes Superman Vs Lex Luthor’s Power Armour 6862

Help!! can Superman save Wonder Woman from the evil and dangerous Lex Luthor?

With the Lego Superheroes Superman Vs Lex Luthor’s Power Armour 6862 set create the villain which so many fear plus use his Kryptonite gun to try defeat superman…If you can!

Lego Superheroes Batmobile and the Two Face Chase 6864

Oh no Two-Face and his henchman have broken into the bank and stole the huge safe! Only you can get Batman and his batmobile to stop him and return the safe back to where it belongs with the Lego Superheroes Batmobile and the Two Face Chase 6864 set.

Lego Superheroes The Batcave 6860

Can Batman and Robin stop Bane in his attempt to rescue Poison Ivy from the lego superheroes the batcave 6860? Or will they manage to escape?

Use the Batcycle to catch Bane and Poison Ivy before they get away!

Lego Superheroes Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858

Sly, mischievous and one of Batman’s most notorious enemies Catwoman will do anything to get away with stealing the huge Diamond.

Can you with the Lego Superheroes Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858 set help batman stop this thief?

Lego Superheroes The Joker 4527

No one will be laughing when The Joker comes to wreak mayhem and madness on the street of Gotham City! with his power suit and blaster Part which can fire all sorts.

Part of the Lego dc super heroes ultra builds build up The joker and be the ultimate villain.

Lego Superheroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City 6368

Can you stop the Joker from dropping ‘toxic laughing gas’ on Gotham City with the Lego superheroes batwing battle over Gotham city 6863 or will he get away?

Will Batman be able to use his Batwing to help him catch that evil Joker or will The joker be laughing all the way? Suitable kids toys for ages 7 years and up.

Lego Superheroes Green Lantern 4528

Will you help lego superheroes green lantern 4528 to keep the galaxy safe? Use the ring which gives green lantern special powers such as flying and more to keep the galaxy safe.

These are no longer available.

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