Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869

Join Black Widow, Iron Man and Thor in the super cool Quinjet Aerial and bring down Loki and his foot Soldier with the new Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869 set which includes;

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  • 735 Lego Pieces.
  • 5 Minifigures.
  • Quinjet and Flying Chariot.
  • Lego Comic Book.
  • Suitable for ages 7 and Older.
  • Available from AMAZON UK

Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869

The Avengers have a mission they must take to the skies and search for Loki who is up to no good by trying to destroy the earth! With the help of the ultra fast Quinjet which can fire missiles and with a push of a button can deploy another mini jet bring Loki down and put him in the prison pod! Let’s take a closer look at the new Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869 set.

Based on scenes from the new Avengers movie the Lego 6869 comes with five minifigures including the exclusive Black Widow she is only available to this set. Black Widow has flaming dark orange hair which is set in a side pattern and falls just to her shoulders, with a double sided face one side is happy and the other is angry she will have anyone mesmerized with those big eyelashes. Her whole body id black and her suit has 2 belts, a zip which closes almost to the top of her chest and blue stripes all the way down – Tony Stark’s new assistant is ready for business!

Iron Man or also known as Tony Stark is designed exactly like he is in the film with the red and gold helmet flip it up to reveal Tony’s double sided happy and angry face. His whole body is red and on the front of his chest the electromagnet in a triangular shape, he also has gold detailing on his legs and comes with two transparent studs which just simply clip in and this will make him look like he is ready to fly off into the skies.

Thor with his rugged beard and two sided happy and angry face has bright yellow/blond hair and is wearing his blue Armour outfit which has three circles on it and he is also wearing his statement red cape. Loki who is nicknamed “God of Lies and Mischief” is wearing his famous gold helmet which has a face guard and two pointed pieces, he also adorns his green cape and a suit.

The main feature of The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869 Lego is the Quinjet which is basically a super jet equipped with five turbo engines, moveable wingtips, fins at the back, two opening cockpits and one cockpit in the middle which is like a prison. The other is the flying chariot which consist of 2 parts the steering section and the passenger section this is the place where Loki stands.

What’s in the Lego Superheroes 6869 Box

This is what you will receive inside the box

  • 735 construction pieces.
  • 5 Minifigures – Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki and foot soldier.
  • Vehicles include Quinjet and Loki’s chariot.
  • Comic Book.

When you receive The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle you will notice the box is red with the Marvel logo and on the bottom left hand side it shows you what minifigures you will receive. The front of the box shows the completed battle and on the right hand side The Avengers logo is on. The back of the box shows other features and what other Lego Superheroes are available.

Our Verdict for the Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle 6869 is that it is definitely something most would be entertained by, and would happily play with it for hours on end as it has hidden compartments.  The set is bang on trend at the minute with all the new Avengers films being released throughout the year and is something their friends and siblings can join in with too.  It is a great way to transport all the avengers if you collect them.  The downside to this toy is that you really need to check the age label. Young children in particular would find this a difficult toy to assemble, and some older children might even find it easier to ask for an adults help for the assembly.  Also, due to the small parts of the toy, it can be easy to loose some parts so taking care to store the toy would be important.

Lego Superheroes The Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle Reviews

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