Lego Lone Ranger Sets Showcased

Disney is set to release a new movie, called “The Lone Ranger” this year, and Lego have announced they will be releasing a toy range in collaboration with the movie.

The toys are yet to be released and so information on these is still hard to find, but we’ve taken a sneak peek and can tell you what some of the features of the new toy range will be.

There are several minifigures, all of which are based on the movies characters. They are as you can imagine, cowboys. There are also several horses, which the figures are able to sit on.

Also included in the range, is a bank! The bank we think will play a key role in the movie. Aswell as all of this, there is a train track with a train, which is centered around the main building which has a cannon! A key feature of the range is a horse and carriage which is called ‘stage coach’.

All in all, the new Lego Lone Rangers sets are going to be prominent in 2013! Are you looking forward to getting your hands on one of these sets?

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