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Lenovo A2107A Ideatab

Lenovo is a brand that specialises in bringing the latest laptops, computers and now tablets. Lenovo have released the new A2107A Ideatab.  The tablet has a 7 inch display and uses Android and we were kindly sent this to review.

The Ideatab boasts many features, including a camera, gravity sensor and multi touch function. The A2107a has 3G capability and even has dual stereo speakers!

The Ideatab is ideal for many things, including reading and surfing the web when you’re on the go. The great battery life on this is what makes this so easy for when you’re on the go, as it has 8 hours battery life even while 3G is connected.  You also have access to thousands of books, apps and downloads at your fingertips by using Google Play. You can even sit back and watch your favourite television shows or music videos with stunning HD videos display.

At just 0.9lbs, this is as light as you could hope for! With 1GB of system memory and 16GB storage capacity, there are no limits as to how much you use the tablet. This even has a micro card reader so you can sync files from other media devices onto your Ideatab.

Our verdict: We started this up and put the device on charge while we used it. We connected to the internet and found ourselves surfing the web for a good hour or two, watching videos, reading books, downloading apps and listening to music. There’s nothing a laptop does that this doesn’t do. In terms of how fast this runs, when we first started it up, it ran really quickly. We were convinced it would start to run slower once we downloaded apps and taking up some space, but we were wrong. The Ideatab ran just as quickly as it initially did and we have to say this is our new best friend.

Next up was to test the battery life and right enough, the battery life lasted 8 full hours while 3G was running. Browsing was easy and with the screen being a 7 inch it made everything very clear to see and scrolling was also very easy to do. It felt sturdy to hold, fairly light to hold and had a matte back which made it soft to hold.

Up next, we gave the camera try an we have to say that we were pretty pleased at how good our picture came out. Then we tried to radio to see if we could tune into our favourite radio stations and we could so we could hear our favourite tunes anywhere plus with the two speakers at the back of the device, everyone in the office could hear what we were listening to.

Overall? We have to say that we were very impressed with the Lenovo A2107A Ideatab and all of the features that it had to offer and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to get a new tablet.

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Down to the nitty gritty. A lot of you will be wondering how much this costs, and you will be shocked to know you can buy this for as little as £129.97 from Amazon with free delivery!

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