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Let the battle of Christmas Cheese Begin

UK food superstores Asda and Sainsburys go head-to-head with different flavoured cheeses this Christmas.

Yes we know, when you first read the title you thought ‘a cheese battle? what the…‘ but this year both Sainsburys and Asda will be going head to head in a smokey battle with cheese this Christmas.

We all know how important cheese and biscuits are at the festive season, how can you not have a slab of cranberry infused cheese on top of a puff pastry cracker ?- OK we are fantasizing a little, but this festive season both companies have produced a line of Christmas flavours which are set to have our taste-buds tingling.

From am 18 hour smoked Wensleydale cheese from Asda to a  sweeter option from Sainsbury’s the Wensleydale cheese with fig and salted caramel.

What would you choose sweet or savory?  We honestly can’t decide but maybe a few tasters might be worth a go?


“Spanish and caramelised orange and cranberry are our big flavour trends, going across lots of food areas from condiments to fish to bakery lines.” said a Sainsbury’s spokeswoman.

Will Tesco come from around the chilled cheese aisle with some new exciting options or will Philly cream them all with some new cream cheeses? Only time and taste will tell.

Sweet or Savory? What will you be munching on this Christmas?  Comment using our easy comments box below.

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