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Let’s Get Into The Spirit Of Christmas

We don’t know about you but at Christmas we have lots of family and friends round and not all of them like the same drinks, so we buy lots of different spirits, whiskies, ports and liqueurs just to make sure we’ve got everyone covered.

Take a look at what we’ll be offering our guests this Christmas: (please note these were sent to us to review).

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Grant’s have put together a twist on it’s traditional bottle with the release of it’s Signature blend. Grant’s Signature is a rich and malty blend with caramel and biscuit notes. Weather you like your dram on it’s own, with a splash of water or a mixer this will definitely suit everyone’s taste buds.

With an ABV of 40% this 70cl packs a real punch of taste and it was matured, blended and bottles in Dufftown, Banffshire in Scotland.

You can buy Grant’s Signature Blends at Tesco

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Small Batch has been matured in two different types of bourbon casks and then mixed together. The first bourbon offers vanilla, subtle spices and oak smoke to complement the gentle peaty smokiness that Bowmore offers. The second cask showcases it’s trademark honey and creamy malt flavours. This Bowmore whisky is quite light in colour and has an ABV 40%.

This particular bottle of Bowmore began it’s journey in the same way that all of their whiskies do with water from Laggan River and malt which has been carefully smoked in their peat-fired kiln. It is then left to mature in the oldest maturation warehouse in Scotland and the only one below sea level.

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Small Batch is available at Tesco

Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Select has been specially created from carefully selected casks. The heart of the spirit is drawn from a final maturation in new American Oak casks which are rarely used for Scotch Whisky maturation. Six months of maturation takes places in the highest, warmest reaches of their warehouse during the Scottish summer.

Spirit has been selected from Quarter Cask, PX Cask and Triple Wood (European Oak casks) and gives a subtle blend of peat, oak and sweetness.

With each bottle of this Laphroaig Select 70cl there is a leaflet included which offers a ‘friends welcome’ where you will find the chance to redeem your code for A Lifetime’s Friendship where you get a lifetime lease on a one square foot of land which belongs to Laphroaig which you can even visit! You will also be given access to their forums, competitions and you can even create your own virtual whisky cabinet and much more.

You can buy Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Select 70cl at Tesco

The Macallan Gold is gold in colour and has tastes of lemon, orange peel and has a sweetness that doesn’t overpower the zest. It also has notes of vanilla, dark chocolate and has a lingering of floral and light oak notes which are not overpowering to the other flavours.

Leave a citrus and sweet taste on the palette as well as hints of ginger, cinnamon and the soft oak reveals toasted apples leaving a sweet and malty taste with a slightly dry finish.

You can buy The Macallan Gold at Tesco

Highland Park’s 12 Year Old Malt Whisky has been named as the ‘best spirit in the world’s and has won several awards. With a balance of smoke and sherry which creates a unique heather honey sweetness and has a gentle smoky taste but is surprisingly sweet. Natural in colour which is all light golden honey colour this award winning whisky has ABV of 40% an packs a lot of flavour.

You can Buy Highland Park 12 Year Old at Tesco

Highland Park Origins is the brand new 46.8% ABV whisky. This non-age statement release from Highland Park has been inspired by Magnus Eunson and uses twice the amount of first-fill sherry casks of Highland Park 12 and has a richer, fuller flavour.

This whisky is golden in colour and has sweet heathery, campfire smoke with macerated dried fruits smells. Alongside a little coriander and fresh fruitiness of banana chips this will leave your palette with a smoky and sweet flavour. This has double the amount of sherry than the first cask, however it is balanced out wonderfully by the smoke.

You can buy Highland Park Origins at Amazon.co.uk

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey has won numerous awards and now there is a gift pack available which contains 3 of it’s stunning whiskies. The Wild Geese Limited Edition is malty and sweet with a hint of citrus, orange and a touch of cardamon. To taste this smooth whisky it is sweet to start, balanced, spice and has an oatmeal maltiness and leaves a lingering oak finish.

The single Malt has aromas of oak with a slight muskiness and ripe summer berries. To taste there is a peppery and spice with a malt oak and a complex sweetness with hints of vanilla and earthiness. To finish this gift set there is the Rare Irish which has aromas of citrus fruits, gooseberry, floral notes, honeysuckle with a peppery overtone. To taste this whisky is balanced and smooth with rich malt taste and suggestions of citrus fruits and oak and a subtle hint of honey on higher notes.

The Famous Grouse is one of the most popular whiskies. Matured in a seasoned oak cask this whisky has a crisp, light note which offers notes of creamy malt and a hint of spice. This whisky has an alcohol content of 40% and is available in 70cl and 1 liter. You can now personalize your bottle by sending off a picture that you would like to on the front of your bottle of The Famous Grouse but you must be over 25 years of age and the picture must only have people who are over 25 years and older in it. You can personalise your bottle for free once you have purchased a bottle of The Famous Grouse at www.makesomeonefamous.com

You can buy The Famous Grouse at Tesco

Drambuie is a sweet, golden colour liqueur/whisky. This drink is made from malt whisky which has been sweetened with hints of heather honey and has been flavoured with herbs and spices all which had been prepared from a legendary secret recipe.

Drambuie has an alcohol content of 40% giving this drink a real punch to it. This can also be used in cocktails such as a rusty nail, rusty apple toddy or you can have it own it’s own or with ice.

You can buy Drambuie at Tesco


Three Barrels Honey is a Brandy which is a deep amber colour and it has an ABV of 30% giving this a real punch. The Three Barrels Honey is a fine blend of their VSOP and natural honey flavourings and has been especially crafted to give a smooth and mellow finish.

This does taste like a brandy should, however it has a hint of honey giving it a sweet finish – perfect to have as an after dinner drink or to bring in the New Year!

You can buy Three Barrels Honey at Tesco

Disaronno Versace Edition has an intense marzipan taste to it. This sweet drink is golden in colour and is the perfect drink for anyone with a sweet tooth. Disaronno can be drank on it’s own or with a mixer such as coke or you can even use this as an ingredient in a cocktail!

The design of this bottle has been designed by Versace – so you will know it will be luxurious. With a beautiful blue bottle and stunning detailing on the front, you could easily gift as a gift. Part of the profits from this special edition of Disaronno are bring donated to the UN-sponsored charity Fashion 4 Development.

You can buy Disaronno Versace Edition at Amazon.co.uk

Fancy a Gin and Tonic this Christmas? Then Tanqueray London Dry Gin is the drink for you as this makes the perfect G&T! This spirit is clear in colour and has a crisp, citrus and rich taste making this refreshing tasty.

Tanqueray Gin has been distilled four times giving it a unique and smooth finish as this leaves a lingering finish on your palette. This gin can be drank on it’s own or is the perfect ingredient for a cocktail. Tanqueray London Dry Gin has an alcohol volume of 43.1% and comes in a green bottle with the Tanqueray red seal.

You can buy Tanqueray London Dry Gin at Tesco


De Kuyper Creme de Menthe is a liqueur the ideal after dinner drink. With its cool, refreshing taste this green liqueur leaves the crisp taste of mint in your mouth.

This smooth drink has been made with mint and distilling lemon oil to give it’s fresh finish as when you finish drinking this you are left with a lingering taste of mint. Creme de Menthe can be used in cocktails such as Grasshopper or you can drink it on it’s own or add in some ice.

You can buy De Kuper Creme de Menthe at Amazon.co.uk

Warninks White is the brand new stylish cocktail liqueur which has a signature flavour of white chocolate and mint. This delicious cool and creamy drink can be served on it’s own with a bit of ice or you can have this as a cocktail.

Simply put some Warninks White into a glass and top up with lemonade and serve over ice with a sprig of mint to finish it off. This liqueur has 17% alcohol volume and comes in a white bottle which is easy to grip and has the familiar Warninks logo on the front and back of the bottle.

You can buy Warninks White at Amazon.co.uk

Licor 43 is a smooth and versatile liqueur and is the number one premium Spanish liqueur. This drink is a golden colour and according to a family recipe has 43 carefully selected herbs, cirturs and other fruits from the Mediterranean and has a smooth touch of vanilla to give it a sweet finish.

This can be served on it’s own or you can add this to a cocktail or even a coffee to make a coffee liqueur. With an alcohol content of 31% this liqueur packs a real punch with it’s taste but leaves a smooth sweet taste on the palette.

You can buy Licor 43 at Amazon.co.uk

Antica Sambuca comes in lots of different flavours such as Liquorice, Banana, Classic, Raspberry, Apple, Cherry and lots more. Antica have a strong taste to them and leaves a lingering, smooth aftertaste in the mouth of the flavour you have been drinking.

You can have this on it’s own, part of a cocktail or in a coffee. Each of these Sambuca’s have an ABV of 38% and comes in a clear glass bottle.

You can buy Antica Sambuca at Amazon.co.uk

Port & Sherry:

Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port has a vibrant fruit of youth and lovely tannins which gives this a slightly peppery spice on the tongue. The softness and smoothness has been achieved by the slow ageing in an old oak barrel.

Cockburn’s Special Reserve was originally introduced in 1969 and is famous for it’s fruity and full-bodied quality and fine dry finish. This port comes in a black bottle with the Cockburn’s logo on the front.

You can buy Cockburn’s Special Reserve Port at Tesco

Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port is full of flavour, with beautiful aromas or ripe dark berry fruits, a delicate nuttiness and mellow notes of chocolate, butterscotch and fine oak which gives this a long, velvety finish.

This Tawny Port has been aged in large wood casks for almost all of their life and has rich-red colour. This port comes in a black bottle with a matte finish and the Taylor’s logo on the front of the bottle.

You can buy Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port at Tesco

Taylor’s First Estate Reserve Port has an excellent introduction to the Taylor’s style of intensely fruity but elegant and well balanced Ports.

This port has been blended from full bodied young red wines from the Cima Corgo area and then these have been mellowed by several years of ageing in oak vats.

You can buy Taylor’s First Estate Reserve Port at Tesco

Harveys Bristol Cream is a firm favourite over the festive period. This warm and rich sherry is perfect for those cold winter nights as this gives a warmth.

This full-bodied sherry is perfect on it’s own or with a slice of orange and is usually drank after-dinner or just before you go to bed. Harveys Bristol Cream comes in a blue bottle and when poured is a deep crimson red in colour.

You can buy Harveys Bristol Cream at Tesco

What is your favourite drink to have at Christmas and New Year? Comment below and let us know.

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