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Let’s get Merry and have a Blending good Christmas

Are you switching from wine and beer to Pina Coladas and Mojitos? According to leading Cellar Trends more and more Britons are.

This got us thinking – sometimes that is not a good thing! What sort of fun cocktails could we potentially blend up this Christmas.

We came up with a few good old classics such as Eggnog and Peppermint Stick, to trying to create our own with some fun names such as tinsel tree – sounds different or is that not the word you were thinking?

Using our blender (the Waring Kitchen & Bar blender from Nisbets) we started throwing some different ideas and ingredients around. Finally we settled on crushed ice, creme de menthe, white creme de cacao (to give it that chocolaty taste) and to top off – edible glitter!

After adding in our drink we then added some ice which our blender took no time crushing it to smithereens, we then poured into small shot style glasses and had a little tipple with some festive mince pies – which you can already buy in the shops.Cellar Trends say cocktails are now becoming a feature of Christmas celebrations and that this will drive sales of premium spirits by as much as 45%, however it’s not all about spirits as the rise of many different vegetable and non-alcoholic cocktails are also increasing in popularity.

With more of us looking for something a little extra special over the festive season, Christmas cocktails seem to be the way to go.

With Halloween approaching first why not get your blender out and start creating some fun mixers, if you are struggling for ideas the new True Blood® Drinks & Bites cookbook by Gianna Sobol, Alan Ball, and Benjamin Hayes with recipes by Dawn Yanigahara as over forty themed recipes inspired by the namesake HBO® original series. You can find out more about this book and other products by visiting here: http://store.hbouk.com/

UnderTheChristmasTree will, this year, be doing many “how to make your own christmas cocktails” using our Waring Kitchen & Bar blender from Nisbests on our official YouTube channel, so please make sure to subscribe: UnderTheChristmasTree YouTube Channel

Will you be having a blending good Christmas? Why not share you recipe ideas below.

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