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Let’s not spend a penny on mum this Mother’s day

On Mothering Sunday 30th March Mrs Claus (as you may have guessed) receives a lot of thoughtful presents from the elves just as a thank-you for all the hard work she does, however it seems to cost a little more than expected every year.

We have put together a fun list of ten cost-free gifts which will put a smile on any mum’s face and it wont even cost you a penny!

1. Get outside.  Heading outdoors to your garden can hold many a treasure, everything from flowers to brambles can be found.  Why not take a look around your garden for some beautiful flowers and make a bouquet from them – thoughtful and you don’t need to spend over £15 on a supermarket bouquet which may turn after 24hours!

2. Raid the cupboards. Instead of buying in the fancy “dine in for two” meals why not take a look in the cupboards and see just exactly what little treats you have in the fridge.  Eggs? Cheese? packs of pasta? There is a meal all in itself.

3. A mum want’s list for the day.  Hand mum a special piece of paper and get her to jot down a few jobs she may need done on Mothering Sunday and start wading your way through them.  This can be anything from making toast for the breakfast, do the dishes after dinner or any other way to help her relax.

4. Draw a picture.  A great gift doesn’t have to cost a penny especially when it comes from the heart.  Drawing a picture of the family, or something she loves is far more thoughtful.

5. DIY Tokens.  Give mum a few special tokens that only she can use. For example: This token entitles you to one day off from making dinner, or this token let’s you take first pick of the DVD for family nights in.  These can be used throughout the year…but make sure to only use once!

6. Family picture board.  Find a piece of cardboard/ card or something large and start digging through old photos of everyone in the family.  Then stick them to the boarding and create a beautiful family portrait full of memories.

7. Go Online.  Go through google images and print off some loving passages and fun pictures, then cut out stick onto some card and et voila! your very own DIY mother’s day card. No need for endless queue’s in the shop!

8. Picnic with mum.  Spring is the perfect time to get outside and have a picnic.  Only use whatever you have in the kitchen for example: eggs can be made into sandwiches or even a quiche, if you have flour and other baking why not try strawberry cupcakes.  Do not go out and buy anything as you will have enough in the home to make a fabulous picnic.

9. Greeting’s video.  If you have a large family and they are spread far and wide, get them to send you a video recording of them wishing Mum a happy mothers day, put it altogether and let her see this precious and thoughtful gift..make sure to have the tissues ready.

10. Hugs and kisses. The best present of all? hugs and kisses! A simple hug and kiss to your loved one will make any day a special one.

There you have it! Gifts don’t need to be pricey or even cost you a penny to be appreciated as it is the little thoughtful ideas which can mean the most.

We hope our top ten cost free and frugal way’s will help to keep the spending down on Mothers Day.

What are your tips and tricks on saving money when it comes to buying presents? Share with us and other below using our fast and easy comments box.

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