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Let’s Travel The UK By Train!

Travelling can often be stressful, particularly when some passengers have fears of flying or by boat.

Taking the UK by storm is going by train. 

Have you ever considered taking a train travel holiday?

Are you like us, one of the many thousand who tuned into watch the very popular series of Great British Railway Journeys hosted by Michael Portillo?  It got us thinking about taking our nearest train and heading on an exciting journey across the uk.

With different types of trains, destinations and events such as a murder mystery there is something fun and exciting for the family.

There are many advantages of travelling by train.  As we mentioned above, many people across the UK have a fear of going on airplane or by boat, making the train a popular option for many.

Heading on the train can also be a fantastic opportunity to see the beautiful British countryside, from the peaks of Scotland’s hills to the lows of the lake district, there is lots to see and do in our very own back gardens!

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The UK itself has lots to offer.  There are many places of interest to visit such as historical locations, events for children, shopping trips and of course theatre trips are all popular.

Most towns have a train station and rail facility, why not check out locations and holidays by rail?

Some trains now have suites where you can sleep while you travel, its almost like an on-train hotel. You can order meals and even enjoy entertainment, giving you the full holiday experience.

Children will love going on a new experience by rail, they will enjoy watching the scenery outside, and speaking to other passengers and children who may be on-board.  Traveling by train is much more spacious than by plane, you can freely get up and move on the train, meaning children need never get bored during the long journey and can even be more cost effective than by car or plane.

Booking in advance can save up to 50% off ticket costs meaning your family can enjoy every minute of your well deserved holiday.

There are lots of advantages of getting to your destination by train, it’s no wonder it has become so popular in the UK.

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