Linda McCartney Foods – Exclusive Q&A

As part of all things Vegetarian we are excited that Linda McCartney Foods have taken part in an exclusive Q&A with UnderTheChristmasTree.

Take a look at our exclusive Q&A with Linda McCartney Foods, where they answer our questions about what new products they have to offer new and existing Vegetarians, the new approach to going meat-free and just exactly what is ‘Meat Free Monday’ all about?

Q:  Linda McCartney Foods support ‘Meat Free Monday’. Can you tell us more about this and how to get involved?

A:  ‘Meat Free Monday’ was set up by Sir Paul McCartney and his two daughters Mary and Stella. The campaign aims to encourage meat eaters to go ‘meat free’ for one day a week, both for the benefit of their health, the environment and the animals. To get involved, simply go meat-free every Monday and if you’re really keen to contribute, register via the below link and tweet @MeatFreeMonday, to join the ever growing meat-free community. Now with almost 1,000,000 supporters worldwide, the campaign was pivotal in putting the international spotlight on the state of vegetarianism.

Q:  In terms of diet, what are the benefits of being vegetarian in comparison to being a meat eater?

A:  Opting to choose a meat free meal or not to eat meat one to two days a week is fast becoming the norm in the UK and this attitude to eating is set to increase at a significant pace. Eating less meat has been scientifically proven to reduce mortality from heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes.

Q:  Would you say the general approach to going meat-free, has changed in recent years?

A:  We have seen a change in peoples’ attitudes towards vegetarianism since the brand was first introduced. Linda McCartney Foods has recently commissioned research into the changing face of vegetarianism – the research has confirmed that we are seeing a huge surge of interest in meat-free eating, with flexitarianism becoming more accepted. This is a hugely exciting time for vegetarian or meat free food. People can eat meat free all the time or if they prefer, we would encourage them to eat ‘meat-free’ at least one day a week. We are seeing that these values and the ethos of Linda McCartney Foods are being recognised by more and more people across of the world.

Q:  Have you launched any new products in the past year? If you have, what were they and how have they performed since launch?

A:  Linda’s aspirations for vegetarian food were pioneering – she steadfastly believed that meat free food should be healthy, delicious, and something to be shared with the family. Inspired by her dedication to great tasting meat free food, Linda McCartney Foods recently launched their chilled range into Waitrose, Ocado, Morrison’s and Tesco supermarkets around the UK.

The diverse new range provides vegetarians and meat-eaters alike with a variety of delicious, meat free meals designed for time poor consumers and those on-the-go. Featuring an array of different cuisines and ingredients, the collection is made up of eight chilled meat free meals including; chilli non carne with rice, vegetarian sausage and vegetable hot pot, lentil and vegetable cottage pie, vegetarian sausage and bean stew and sweet potato, spinach and quinoa kievs.


We have tasted the Linda McCartney sausages, chillie non carne with rice and the hot pot (plus a lot more) and can easily say they are not only tasty and low fat but you can make a fantastic meal out of all the products.

Maybe we should try some more – you know for research purposes only!

Thanks to Linda McCartney Foods for taking part in our exclusive questions and answer article.

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