Linkee Trivia Game – 4 Little Questions 1 Big Link

How can something so simple become so instantly addictive? Linkee is a really simple, shout out loud family quiz game that those over 14 will love. Take a look at what UnderTheChristmasTree thought when we received Linkee.

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The premise of the game is simple, answer 4 questions and if you know what links them together jump up and shout LINKEE!!! as loudly as you can. No annoying waiting for your turn or shaking dice before moving on, simply win one of each of the letters in Linkee and you win the game.

Watch our YouTube demonstration on how to play Linkee below:

At last a game without a long list of rules to be followed, that can be played at the dinner table or at a get together with friends.The questions are such a lot of fun that you’ll quickly find yourself desperate to get that Linkee before anybody else.

Each card has four questions, the answers to which give you clues to what links them together, guess the link correctly and you’ll win the letter being played for, get it wrong and you’ll miss a turn. Nothing to get too worried about until you’re short of a card to win the whole game.

Play along with a group of friends and soon begin to realize just how competitive your friends really are!  Only 2 players are needed for a fun game of Linkee but this game is limitless, simply split the number of players into teams and let the fun begin.

Everything you’ll need for a great night’s entertainment can be found in the box, including the colour coded cards, pencils and notepads, however since answering questions is the name of the game, you’ll need a little general knowledge which unfortunately is not included.

For those who worry about their general knowledge, fear not as Linkee has Anti-Genius questions that anyone can answer.

Beware! This game is seriously addictive and prying your friends hands from the box could be much harder than you ever thought possible.

Priced at around £19.99 Linkee is available from a wide range of suppliers including  Amazon UK.

Have you already played Linkee?  Get in touch below and tell us what you thought of it.

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  1. Karl Borowy
    October 31, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    long time ago..its good

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