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Lloyd-Webber backs ‘give a child an instrument’ plan for schools

Lord Llyod-Webber has launched a new scheme which see’s musical instruments given to deprived schoolchildren to improve academic results and help combat gang culture.

The West End music star – Webber is known for his talent of writing and playing music hopes that the new scheme will be just as popular at other schools as it has been at a north London school.

Lord Llyod-Webber said: “This will snowball. It won’t just be me – other people will be excited,” said the peer, adding that he had an “undying commitment” to the programme.

He was speaking at Highbury Grobe School in Islington where headteacher, Truda White set up the programme in 2006 and saw it’s first pupil accepted by Oxford University to study music. After the scheme began pupils from the Highbury Grove school grades and attendance improved and problems with gangs and violence reduced.

Backed by the Andrew Lloyd-Webber Foundation and the Charles Wolfson Trust, which have committed a combined £2m over four years aims to give schools in deprived areas their own musical instruments and compulsory music education.

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