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Longest Day Of The Year Is Here

Friday 21st of June marks the longest day of the year and is the day of the summer solstice, how are you spending the day?

The summer solstice which is celebrated by many marks the point of the year when the northern hemisphere is tilted the most towards the sun marking the official first day of summer, let’s just hope some better weather finally follows.

Celebrated by many across the country, festivities will include dancing around the midsummer pole, decorating your home and even just chilling in the long northern evening.

One of the main event’s which will take place in the United Kingdom will be at England’s Stonehenge where on the morning of the solstice many will gather and take part in the spiritual event.


How will you be spending the longest day today? Have you felt today being longer than others?

Let us and others know what you are doing by commenting below.

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