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Look, Link And Think With Drumond Park Shout! Game

We were delighted when we were sent a copy of Drumond Park’s new family game – Shout! and couldn’t wait to challenge the team to a game.

Suitable for age 12 – 99, Shout! has 167 large, double-sided cards, each of which features nine challenges on both sides.  Designed to make everyone in the team think, link and look as they try to make the connection between what is seen on the challenge card and the answer, for example what would be the connection between a picture of Martin Luther King and Abba Songs? How quickly did you answer I Have a Dream?

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You can purchase Shout! by Drumond Park at: Amazon UK

Watch our step by step on how to play Drumond Park Shout! game on our official YouTube Channel below:

The aim of the game is simple when you think of a possible answer simply Shout it out! –  Needless to say Shout! is a very competitive game and answers get shouted out furiously.  You only get 60 seconds to answer so the faster your team can answer the better the score your team is likely to get.

Begin the game by sorting players into two opposing teams ‘Answerers’ and ‘Askers’.  The Answerers get just one minute to answer as many of the nine challenges on their given card as they can, and when the timer runs out, time’s up and you must swap sides.  With each correct answer the Answerers team scores one point.

Everyone in the 2 teams quickly got to grips with the game and were soon yelling out their answers, who knew they could be so noisy! Holly’s team were in the lead but thanks(?) to the Double or Nothing card which Katy’s team produced at the beginning of their turn and guaranteed them DOUBLE POINTS if they could answer all nine challenges giving them a whopping 18 points.

Lady luck was definitely sitting on their shoulders as, for the the first time in the game, they got all nine answers correct and romped towards the winning number.  If only they’d got just one wrong then they would have scored a huge ZERO.

Needless to say Katy’s team were first to reach the magical 69 points and were crowned winner, leaving Holly’s team to make the coffees – how could they drink so many in just one day – we really need a re-match!

UnderTheChristmasTree had loads of fun playing Drumond Park Shout! This is one game that won’t be found gathering dust at the back of a cupboard.  It’s a great ice-breaker and friends and family quickly get together as they use their knowledge, cunning and cleverness and shout out their answers.  Shout! is a simple enough game but as the sand runs through the timer, don’t be surprised when you start feeling the pressure.

Shout! from Drumond Park has an RRP of £29.99 and is available from a range of UK stores including Amazon.

Have you played this game?  If so tell us what you thought of it below!

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