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Look Professional With Diva Chromatix Styler and Dynamic 3400 Pro This Christmas

Professional, compact, reduces frizz and will give us gorgeous looking hair, does this all sound a little to good to be true?  So when Diva Chromatix latest collection was sent into our office to review, Katy decided she would put it to the test, here is what she thought:

“When you’re in a rush and trying to  get your hair dried in time for a party its like Elle MacPherson dyeing her hair brown – it’s never going to happen!  Usually it  take me ages to dry my hair and once done my head looks like I’ve been through a bush and back – full of knots and frizzy – never mind the task of actually styling, it’s all about IF I can get a brush through it.

So when Chromatix Dynamica 3400 PRO  arrived in the office, I snatched up and said “even Santa thinks I need this” . Well first off, if the packaging is anything to go by I’m going to LOVE these.  The box shows off the bright dryer  (we were sent Cherry Red) and although the box was heavier,  I hoped the dryer wasn’t, true to the lightweight statement on the box it was exactly that.

You will notice just how long the soft flexible cord is, yes it’s 3 meters – excellent as it stretched right over to my mirror! The Dynamica 3400 Pro has: 4 heat and 2 speed settings, cool shot button, easy to clean grille and a conditioning setting.

Once turned on the dryer fitted perfectly in my hand and unlike other branded hair dryers this won’t leave you with a buzzing noise in your ear as it is surprisingly not to loud either.  After blasting my hair through (I turned it down a setting because I really didn’t want to cause any knots and it was getting hot) my hair did feel smooth and didn’t have just as much static as my previous dryer.

Overall I can easily say, out goes my old hair dryer and in comes Cherry Red Dynamica 3400 Pro which will take pride of place, especially as it took me less time to style my hair after as it was already pretty straight.

Moving onto Diva Chromatix Feel The Heat Universal Stylers for ALL types of hair, well when I first read this a smirk crossed my lips as my hair is very thick and most stylers do not work well with my locks, so straight away, I headed to my nearest plug and started styling.

Before getting into the nitty gritty on how they preformed, I want to comment again on the box and features.  Part of the Diva Chromatix 2014 collection, the box stands out with a gorgeous design with the colour of stylers  you have picked (again we went for Cherry Red) on the front of the box.  Made with Korean ceramic plates with Argan Oil to keep your hair in excellent condition, you can choose from 120 degrees to a whopping 220 degrees. With auto-shut off after  10 minutes and worldwide multi voltage you can take these anywhere especially if you’re heading away at Christmas.

After plugging in the styler it only took around 40 seconds to get them to full heat, however it does take less if you don’t go for the maximum heat – ideal if your in a rush for a night out.  Once on, unlike other stylers these did NOT snag my hair, granted I dud use smaller sections but even then most stylers still snag my hair.  I was surprised to see how quickly and easily my hair straightened out  – now it was time for the curl test!  One or two strands were lost but nothing exciting and what’s more my hair did not have that horrible burnt smell afterwards.

Sitting them down on the silicon heat proof mat which is provided, I waited to see if the auto-shut off actually does work, and after around 10-12 seconds the styler shut off and the heat gradually got less.  You can do everything from curling, straightening, flicks, kicks and more with these and unlike other big brands (which I have used before and I can easily say you cannot tell the difference) these are reasonably priced at £69.99.

Overall I would give these 9/10, the colour, design and feel on both products looked stunning and when used I couldn’t have been happier.  What about that last extra point I hear you say? This was simply because they can both get pretty hot however you can turn them down.

What style will you be doing your hair for Christmas day?  Share your comments and ideas below!


    December 8, 2014 / 10:34 am

    Straight and Sleek

  2. Anthea Carol Midgley
    December 8, 2014 / 1:16 pm


  3. Lisa Troccoli
    December 8, 2014 / 1:59 pm

    Straight but with a bit of bounce x

  4. melanie edjourian
    December 8, 2014 / 7:45 pm


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