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Lottie – The new doll designed to be just like you!

We all remember Arklu, who designed the royal wedding dolls for Kate & Williams big wedding. Now Arklu are back and there is a new doll in town: Lottie!

Lottie has been designed to be just like your child with realistic features and dimensions.

Lottie has been approved by health experts from the London Metropolitan University and the British Nutrition Foundation and her dimensions mimic the ideal dimensions of a nine year old girl.

There are a range of Lottie dolls available, including Autumn Leaves Lottie, Lottieville Festival Lottie, English Country Garden Lottie, Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie, Pony Flag Race Lottie and Snow Queen Lottie.

The dolls look like real girls, no peroxide hair, no layers of makeup, just a normal girl!

The motto from Lottie is “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You”

The official statement from Arklu states:

“Unlike other fashion dolls, there is no pushing the envelope with adult agendas such as scanty clothes, high heels, jewellery, tattoos or makeup; these are girl dolls intended for girls. Most of all, Lottie is super cute and rather lovely.”

“Lottie is designed for maximum creative play value. She has high-quality, strokable hair that doesn’t tangle easily and her premium quality clothes and accessories are detailed and lifelike, with lots of tactile elements. Super cute, fun details such as detachable velcro patches on the clothing make for added appeal and “swapability”.

For more information on Lottie, visit www.lottie.com

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