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Luxurious Christmas Travel

If sitting around the table wearing silly hats is not your idea of a perfect Christmas how about jumping aboard a train for a festive treat?

Not just any old train, this is a Luxury Train Journey.

This journey is not about how quickly you can get to your destination, it’s much, much, more than that.

There are 11 luxury rail holidays under way on Christmas Day, and 8 luxury trains running overnight at the New Year, the only difficulty is choosing your holiday.

Imagine, Christmas morning, the snow has fallen during the night (of course!) and everywhere is dusted with an icing sugar cover.

You’ve pre booked your holiday experience with the Luxury Train Club and you’re excited to head of on your chosen journey.

From the moment you step foot on your luxury train you will be a pampered passenger as you relax in the privacy of your comfortable suite, dine on fabulous cuisine and sip delicious cocktails as you travel through beautiful scenery made all the more special with its dusting of snow.

This will be one Christmas you will not forget and will become one of your most cherished memories.

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