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Mabel’s Making A Comeback?

Mabel and Stanley names are making a comeback as more parents are opting for old-fashioned baby names, according to research.

While parents have been choosing names such as Alfie and Grace for the last decade, the old-fashioned names seem to be becoming a more popular choice with parents.

David Cameron and wife Samantha appear to also be following the fashion by naming their children Florence, Nancy, Ivan and Arthur.

Other celebrities who have opted for older names include Lily Allen, who named her children Ethel and Marnie, Bruce Willis – who chose Mabel for his daughter – and singer Dido who decided to call her young son Stanley.

The poll of 6,227 which was done by Netmums also found that one in eight families give their children names begining with the same letter.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said: ‘The internet is making it much easier for parents to research unusual names.

‘We’ve even seen parents putting up polls and crowdsourcing names for their children from others online. It’s clear that fashionable or wacky names are only going to get more common in the playground.’

Would you give your child an old-fashioned name or will you be opting for a fashionable name? Comment below and let us know.

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