Magic Mitten Baby Calming Aid

magicmittenAre you having problems getting your baby to settle down for a nap? Then take a look at the new Magic Mitten Baby Calming Aid which features:

  • 3 calming sounds
  • auto switch off
  • suitable from birth
  • rechargeable (charger included)
  • RRP £39.99


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A crying, unsettled baby can be stressful for both parents and baby. How many times have you felt your eyelids flicker as you try to rock your restless little one off to sleep? I know that when my first child was born (back in the dark ages) it was down to my husband and I to sing, rock and drive her around until she fell asleep and as No.2 and No. 3 quickly followed nothing much changed, it was usually just a case of rinse and repeat.

Do you recognise the scenario? Is this what you do each night or afternoon, when you know they’re tired but fighting back the sleep as they grizzle for what seems an eternity?

Totally portable and ideal for carrying around in your handbag/baby bag so it’s always there if its needed.   You can choose from three magically calming sounds :

  • Mothers heartbeat
  • ocean waves
  • rain on a tin roof

Parents who have already bought a magic mitten swear by it and readily recomend it to friends.  Simple to use and easy to hold as the cushioned mitten has a strap which goes round your hand and holds it snugly in place then you just press ‘on’ and hold it to your baby’s ear and watch as your baby quickly relaxes to settling white noise sounds that only your baby can hear.

My first thought was about their hearing.   How would it be affected, would holding the aid so close to their ear damage them, would it play all night?  All my fears were alayed when I realised that the Magic Mitten had a safe, fixed volume level and an automatically switches off after 10 minutes, another good idea is that the pad is easy to remove for cleaning.

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Help may be on hand! If you recognise the symptoms above then you really should try the Magic Mitten Baby Calming Aid. Suitable from birth this rechargeable calming aid will help settle your baby using recognisable sounds.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your child will respond to the calming sounds and happily drops off to sleep giving you and your partner some much needed rest and relaxation time.

Reviews for the Magic Mitten Baby Calming Aid

Are you one of the many sleep deprived parents who have benefitted from this soothing aid? Get in touch below and tell us how it’s helped your little one settle.

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