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Make a fruitful face

Are you trying to get your child to eat more fruit but don’t seem to willing to try it?

Why not try and make eating fruit more fun such as get them to make their own shapes with the fruit, they could make the shape of a face using grapes for the eyes, a strawberry cut in half for the nose, banana cut in half for the mouth, use two orange segments for the eyebrows and cut some strips of apple for the hair!

Or if that’s not getting them to eat the fruit how about making up a smoothy? Blend together some strawberry’s and banana’s and add in some milk and blend together to get a nice strawberry and banana smoothie!

When your at the supermarket with the kids, get them to pick out what fruit they want as kids are more likely to eat something that they have picked out themselves.

How do you get your child to eat more fruit? Comment below and let us know.

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