Make your own Hamper- it’s easier than you think!

If you’re looking for a ready made hamper as a gift for family or a friend then head on over to where you’ll find an amazing selection and all reasonably priced.

Hampers make a thoughtful and personal gift as they can be tailored to individual tastes and you can always add your own special touches to it.

If, however, you’d like to put together your own hamper but can’t think where to start perhaps these ideas may help.

Decide what size of basket you’d like to create and line it with a nice piece of  material; remember when you’re choosing your basket that they do hold a remarkable amount and filling a large basket could be very costly.

When choosing your basket remember that a basket with a handle is much easier to wrap as the handle gives height.

Since Christmas is getting ever closer I’ll use this as the hamper choice.

Think carefully about the recipient of your hamper and try to include as many of their favourite treats.

Small jars of homemade jam, relish and chutney are a nice thought – if you don’t want to make your own then cheat a little by buying a nice jar and filling it with the contents of a shop bought variety and tie a nice ribbon around it.

A small cheeseboard with a selection of favourite cheeses which will go nicely with the chutney is a gift that they can use again and again

Small individual treats such as a small box of their favourite chocolates, a selection of nuts, individual Christmas puddings or a piece of your homemade Christmas cake, make a welcome gift,  especially for those on their own

If you’re a keen baker then a tin of homemade shortbread or individual cupcakes would be a welcomed treat.

Adding  in a couple of christmas crackers is a nice touch, as well as individual teas etc.

Try to find nice boxes or containers for individual gifts as they add extra colour and ensure that the contents remain intact, or why not use a cup as a container – just fill it and seal with cling film and add a personal gift tag.

A fine scarf makes a nice addition and a bottle of good wine is always welcome.  Add in a personalised diary, key ring or a picture frame, you can always put the latest photograph of the kids inside for a really personal touch.

No one knows your friend or family member as well as you do, so make sure to add in their own personal favourites or something to make them smile. A hamper can be as costly or cost effective as you want to make it but always says that you’re thinking of the recipient.

Finish off your personalised gift by wrapping in cellophane – this is where the handle comes in handy – and adding bows, curling ribbon and a gift tag.

Give it a try, making a hamper is easier than you think.

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