Manly Makeover For Fathers Day

We all like to give ourselves a little makeover, so we asked John from the team to give his top tips on how to get a manly makeover for Fathers Day without having too much fuss!

Hi fella’s! I’m John, and I thought being a man, I was better equipped to give you tips on getting a manly makeover than the girls in the office who would have us using more lotions and potions than a witch! (queue witch like cackling from the office girls – don’t tell them I said that!) After seeing James Arthur’s latest makeover, I was inspired to let you know a few tips on getting a new look!

Here’s a few tips to get you started;-

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This may sound pretty obvious, but if you normally are clean shaven, then why not try the stubble look? or if you normally have stubble then why not try shaving it all off? If you have a beard – do nothing. You’re awesome enough!


If you’re fortunate enough to have a full head of hair then why not change the parting slightly? If you normally have a side parting, why not try a deeper side parting or middle parting? Maybe try using gel or styling cream on the ends of your hair. If you don’t have as much hair -maybe try shaving all your hair off? Or going for a shorter cut?

Lotions & Potions

Ok we have to give into the girls slightly on this one! I’m not going to tell you to start wearing concealer or mascara (although if you do then good for you!) but the girls are right in saying that using a good cleanser and moisturiser on a day to day basis will make a big difference to your skin without having to use too many lotions and potions (insert caveman groan here!)


You know all those clothes the wife and kids bought you at Christmas time? not to mention the stuff santa got you? Try wearing them! We are creatures of habit and tend to stick to what we know, but try branching out and wearing something you’ve never worn before – I would recommend the reindeer jumper your mum bought you, but I would keep that for Christmas time. Major cool points would be lost at a Christmas Jumper in summer.  (Just as well I was never cool then right?)


Yes, there are perfumes for men. Yes, it is an experience I was hesitant to try, but once you find the right fragrance for you, you’ll love trying a new scent! Head on over to Boots or Debenhams and give them a little whiff and watch the ladies flock to your feet!

So there you have it! There’s my top tips on getting a manly makeover for Fathers Day.  If you have any tips then feel free to add them in the comments below!

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