Marks and Spencer Releases Sprout Sausages and Mince Pie Martini For Christmas 2015

The new Christmas menu treats from Marks and Spencer go on show today at it’s Christmas in July event with Brussel sprout sausage, mince pie martini and a quiche containing the Christmas dinner of turkey with all the trimmings topping this years list.

Marks and Spencer Brussel Sprout Sausage Christmas 2015

Using sneaky, yet brilliant tactics Marks and Spencer want to ensure everyone at your Christmas table will eat their Brussel sprouts – whether they want to or not. How have they done this? by simply putting some of the nations most hated veg inside your ordinary pork banger.

Taking over a year to develop so the sprout sausage looks like the real thing, M&S say even your children wont be able to tell they are munching on sprouts this Christmas, however these hidden treasures aren’t available until December – are you signing with relief or disappointment?

If sprouts aren’t your thing – why wouldn’t the be?! then you may fall in love with some of the other festive treats the high street retailer has to offer, this includes a quiche containing the Christmas dinner of turkey with all the trimmings, Christmas tree shaped sausage rolls and to add a little glamour to your day sparkling crisps made with Prosecco and sprinkled with pink glitter that fizz on the tongue!

Mince pies are also a must during Xmas and if you thought you haven’t indulged enough on these fruity tarts don’t worry as M&S has released it’s Mince Pie Martini.

Are you a spro-vider? (a sprout avoider) and what sounds good to you from Marks and Spencers 2015 Christmas menu? Share your comments below!

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