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Mask ‘n’ Ask Board Game

Kids will love Mask ‘n’ Ask the yes, no answer game from Drumond Park which we were kindly sent and which features:

  • Double sided board
  • 4 pairs glasses
  • Counters
  • 30 reversible masks

There was a cow, pig, tiger and our favourite a Snowman and we all played a game together – Mask ‘n’ Ask board game by Drumond Park.  Suitable for ages 7 and over this game requires a minimum of 2 players, but you will have ‘moo-valis fun’

Open the box which is nicely designed to show the various masks inside and you will find neatly packaged the double sided game board which will give twice the fun.  One side of the board features animals, the other human masks, you choose which side you’d like to play.

The brightly coloured masks copy the pictures on the game board; these again are double sided matching the board. Once you’ve decided which game you’ll be playing plug the spinner through the centre of the board and you’re ready to get started.


Choose your board side,we chose the animals side and lay the 30 corresponding masks face down, choose your mask, I was a cheeky monkey, which according to the rest of the team suited me just fine, and without looking at it clip it to your chosen pair of Mask ‘n’ Ask glasses, you can choose from red, yellow, blue or green, I chose my favourite colour – Red, the coloured glasses match with the yes/no tokens.

The youngest member of the team  (Mandy) started, although it is recommended for age 7+, with a little help younger children could join in, and she started with a spin of the spinner which we’d put into the centre of the board.

The question she landed on was Do I have whiskers? Although we were tempted to say yes; as a turtle that would have been unfair (but funny!) once given her answer she place a No counter on the question she asked.

If we’d choose to play the character side of the board we may have been asked questions such as ‘Do I spend lots of time on the water? Or Do I have white or grey hair? Will you be a princess, a fairy or a postman

Our game continued around the board and as each player correctly guessed their identity they must choose another mask and the game continued until Mandy (the winner) successfully guessed her three masks.

Congratulation to Drumond Park who have been put on our official YouTube channel. Check out our demonstration of the toy:

We had a great time playing and we all had loads of laughs – in fact we’re already discussing our next game. Drumond Park’s Mask ‘n’ Ask board game will be a huge success this Christmas and with the double sided game board and the 30 reversible masks it’s like two games in one.

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