Master Moves Mickey

Of all the Christmas releases, we are most excited about this one! We LOVE mickey mouse, but we love master moves mickey even more! This toy has many features, which include;-

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  • He Has Over 15 Dance Moves
  • Breakdances
  • Original Music & Soundtracks
  • Available from AMAZON UK

Due to be released in Autumn 2012, Master Moves Mickey is already being tipped as one of the ones to watch this Christmas. Hamleys have it as part of their top christmas toys release, and its set to be on many more!

“M3” as Master Moves Mickey is now known will show off his moves to anyone and everyone!

His signature handstand “The Groove Copter” is his favourite (and ours!) and he will even encourage you to throw down some of your own moves and dance along with him!

M3 has 15 new moves and dances along to 8 soundtracks and interactive dances.  Master Moves Mickey has plenty of humour to keep the entire family entertained.

Last year, the big seller was Dance Star Mickey, which is still a brilliant toy. Kids loved dance star mickey because of the interaction involved. Mickey encouraged children to join in with his crazy dancing! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Master Moves Mickey does the same, and some! Its a much more advanced version, with more features and songs to dance along to.

We know the children will love M3, but personally, we love it for ourselves! From the demo’s we’ve seen, its not just interactive for the kids, adults will love joining in and watching the kids have such good fun with toy.

What’s In The Box?

  • Master Moves Mickey (M3)
  • Instructions
  • 6AA Batteries

As Master Moves Mickey is yet to be released, we are still unsure of what else is to be included in the box. As soon as we know, we’ll update this page!

Master Moves Mickey Reviews

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