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Mattel Launch Apptivity Range With A Giant iPad

Westfield shopping center in London was the host of the release of the new Mattel Apptivity Range with a giant iPad. Kids can step on and off the giant ipad while they are transformed into a ‘hot wheels’ car simply by moving around the giant iPad and watching the screen in front of them. They will be excited to play the free test app from Hot Wheels.

Of course, not every home in the UK will be able to accommodate a giant ipad which can be stepped on by their kids, which is why this is just a sample to maximize the effect of the new apptivity range.

Children will be able to play the games at the slide of a button by using a regular ipad. The app is set to be the first of many interactive media games that can be played by children, with it expected to be rolled throughout other media such as television, social media and viral video.

Apps are genuinely the next generation of games and entertainment with children already using their parents ipads or smartphones to play apps online. The apps can prove to educate your children at the same time as entertaining, by use of visual, audio and interaction.

As it stands the apptivity range includes, hot wheels, batman, WWE, fruit toys and others.

For more information, visit Mattel Apptivity

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