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Meccano Evolution Tow Truck, 867200

Build two incredibly realistic vehicles with the Meccano Evolution Tow Truck, we were kindly sent this to review and which features:

  • Extendable and foldable tow bar
  • Functional front steering
  • accessories
  • Suitable for age 9 and over
  • 460 + pieces
  • Instructions
  • RRP £49.99

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Oh dear, there’s a broken down truck on the road and it’s causing havoc with all the traffic. It needs to be removed, and quickly! Worry not, speeding off to the rescue is the Meccano Evolution Tow Truck that will get it towed safely off the road.

Always ready whenever it’s needed, this large (over 15″) Tow Truck has a folding tow bar that folds and unfolds using a crank and it’s directional front wheels makes sure it can get any broken down vehicle out of any sticky situation.

As always with Meccano the metal models, when completed, are extremely realistic and now thanks to the even smaller scale parts they look even more realistic when completed.

The 867200 set makes two different tow truck models (only 1 at a time) giving kids aged 9 and over, scope for even more imaginative play as they create even more new adventures.

Thanks to the new smaller scale parts, the toys are much more realistic when built and children can play with their vehicles and create adventures using their imagination. The new mechanical parts (jack, gears, and pistons) enable fluid and realistic movements.

With easy to follow detailed instructions, children can often complete their models without the help of an adult which helps them feel independent. Firstly they put together the chasis etc and then, after checking the building steps have been correctly followed and the mechanics work, the full assembly can be completed giving a huge boost of self confidence.

The new Meccano Evolution range is both tough and durable and each detailed model compliments the others in the range. Get ready for some rip roaring road action fun using the steerings, fluid jacks,gears and pistons to maneuver into place and recover the stranded vehicle.

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