Meet Doug the sourdough toy that children can care for

Doug is a dough-shaped character that was developed by Mint Digital’s research team.

When you mix together the flour and water it’s not just sourdough that you’re creating by a world.

A world that has seas and islands, each of which represents a different environment,  within this ‘world’ there are also inhabitants that rely on you (your child) to look after them.

Doug is the Tamagotchi-esque dough shaped character who features in the online game that was developed to follow this storyline.

Take a look at the Dough Globe game here

Meanwhile, the device that was developed was a spherical “dough globe”, which comprises of a transparent vessel for holding the dough and some electronic sensors to monitor the dough’s “wellbeing”.

The globe’s parts were 3D-printed and then the electronics were hand-assembled.

The dough globe also doubles as a gaming controller, thanks to an accelerometer, so children can hold the globe in their hands to move Doug through an animated world — but Doug will only play if he’s being looked after properly.

If the sourdough hasn’t been tended to, players will be greeted with a tired, sick Doug who can’t play games. If gamers score highly, they will be rewarded with a recipe.

Read more about Doug and the Sourdough world at

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