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Mickey Blows His Top!

Mickey Mouse blew his top when serial object destroyer Alan Sailer, from California declared war on toys.

Using high-speed photography he managed to capture the moment the toys were blown apart using a modified firecracker which can be fired using an electrical signal..

It’s not a pretty sight as Mickey blew his top, Mr Potato Head got baked, Tweety Pie lost his head and a troll cracked up!

Mr Sailer, who admits he finds it fun to mess with toy archetypes which he picks up from garage sales, said he smiles when toy such as dolls and My Little Pony are destroyed in a ‘horrifying way’

It’s not just toys that have been ‘Sailer’d’ as this eccentric photographer has previously turned his lens on a range of foods such as Brussel Sprouts and Camembert cheese.

Obviously his mum never taught him how to ‘play nice’

Read the full Daily Mail article and take a look at the aftermath

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