Micro Chargers Jump Track Race Track

Can you hold your nerve as you hurtle round the cicane on your way to the air launcher?

Try the new Micro Chargers Jump Track to find out. It features:

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  • Jump race track
  • 2 exclusive micro chargers
  • suitable for age 6 and over
  • requires batteries
  • available from

What is the Micro Chargers Jump Track?

Flair Micro Chargers Jump Track playset is one of 3 micro chargers sets, and allows you to jump your micro charges at high speed.

Hold tight as the Micro Chargers take to the air in the dual lane racetrack. Can you handle scale speeds of up to 600mph?

Will you make the fastest time as your car storms down the track, around the chicane and over the air launcher to the ultimate test of your abilities the drag finish?

What Micro Charger Cars come with the Jump Track?

2 exclusive Quick Charge Micro Car comes with the jump track. These micro cars are super quick to charge and can race along the track at scale speed equivalent to 600 MPH.

Can I buy extra Micro Cars?

Yes  – there are 36 different cars to collect for straight and stunt racers. The Micro Chargers Jump Track is only for use with stunt cars

How do I know which car to buy?

Take a quick look at the bottom of the cars, those with the red bottom are stunt cars and those with a blue bottom are race cars and should only be used with Micro Chargers Race Tracks.

Is the Jump Track compatible with other Micro Charger sets?

Yes – collect all 3 Micro Charger sets and connect together to form the ultimate micro circuit.

Does the Charger come with the Set?

Yes – A hand held charger is included with the track.

Are Batteries required?

Yes 2 AAA batteries are required but unfortunately they are not included in the pack.

What age is it for?

The Jump Track Race Track is suitable for age 6 and over

What does the Box Contain?

  • 1 x Hyper Jump Race Track
  • 2 x EXCLUSIVE Quick Charge Micro Car
  • 1 x Hand Held Charger
  • 1 x Trading Card

Why Kids Will Love it

Speed thrills, and the Micro Chargers travel at scale speeds of up to 600 mph

No hanging around waiting for the cars to charge, these cars are super fast when it comes to racing and charging. Challenging friends to see who will be first round the chicane. Collecting the 36 micro chargers that are available and trading with friends.

Who Manufactures the Micro Chargers Jump Track

Micro Chargers are manufactured by Flair

What other Micro Charger sets are available?

At present there are 3 Micro Chargers Tracks available which all connect together to make one super micro track. They are:-
Micro Chargers Jump Track
Micro Chargers Loop Track
Micro Chargers Time Track

Are their any disadvantages to the Jump Track?
Yes – It is a disadvantage that batteries are not included in the pack.

Reviews for the Micro Charger Jump Track

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These are no longer available.

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