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Micro-Figures Sports Stars take over Match of the Day Online

Character Building’s collection of Micro-Figures, Sport Stars, start new advertisement campaign on the online website for Match of the Day.

With a advertisement takeover, the football site for kids is one of this months marketing for the brand where kids will have to Hunt for the Golden Boot.

Part of the huge campaign where sites such as Binweevils have been driving kids to find out more about the great grass roots prizes they could win if they find one of the hundreds of a Golden Boot Tickets that are hidden in the micro-figure’s foil bags.

With a continuing presence on boys’ football magazines a Vote and Redeem campaign which rolled out this week and has already seen thousands cast their votes for their favourite players in the hope of receiving a free figure.

We have a core audience of boys who love football and it is important to continually interact with them in order to enhance the collectability of the brand said Mark Hunt, Character Building’s brand manager.

He continued by saying:

‘The Golden Boot Campaign is going phenomenally well, and the Match of the Day take over will highlight this to fans. The further Vote and redeem activity is designed to start kids collecting as well as engage with existing collectors but it will also be interesting to see which players are the favourites amongst the millions of readers  that we reach.’

Sports Stars were launched in September and as you can expect are a hot collectible for fans of the micro figure.

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