Mike the Knight Action Playset Viking Boat

Always arriving in Glendragon unannounced the Viking love nothing more than mischief making but don’t worry its all in the name of fun. The Mike the Knight Action Playset Viking Boat will let you take part in all the adventures they go on. This set features:

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  • Moving features
  • Broken horn figure
  • suitable for age 3 and older
  • available from

Mike the Knight Action Playset Viking Boat

Glendragon is often visited by three mischievous viking explorers in their boat the new Mike the knight Action Playset Viking Boat comes with one figure of the acrobatic trio the broken horn figure, the viking boat which has moveable features including moveable dars as it rolls along. Lets take a closer look at this toddlers toy:

Based on the scenes and character from the popular TV Cbeebies show Mike the Knight, the Viking ship play-set will let kids age three and older re-enact the exciting adventures the Viking get up to. The boat is designed in the shape of a dragon with the head being at the front and the tail at the back. The dragon has spiky red ears, hair and tail and even red eyes.

The ship is in a dark brown colour and has three shields on the from a blue one, red and black one with arrows and a yellow one, there are paddles/dars that come out of the side. There seems to be enough room for the trio so if you want to buy more of the viking figures these would fit inside too!

The broken horn viking has as you can expect the statement broken horn which comes out of the top of his silver helmet, he has a yellow/golden beard parted in two section and it is being held into place with red bobbles. Wearing a dark brown cape which is held together at the front with silver clasp – this viking looks like he’s up to no good!

You can either help Mike or take part in causing chaos in Glendragon with the Viking on the Mike the Knight action playset viking boat.

What’s inside the Mike the Knight Viking Boat Playset Box?

This is what you will receive inside the box;

  • Battle Ship
  • Broken Horn figure

On the front of the blue box you will see a big picture of the mike the Knight character on it, the logo is also on the top left hand corner of the box.

specifications for the viking longboat playset

  • Weight: 0.613Kg
  • Dimensions (cm): 17 x 17 x 22
  • Suitable for ages 3 +
  • Based on the Cbeebie TV Show Mike the Knight

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