Mike the Knight

Are you ready to be transported into a magical modern day medevil world where you will mee trolls, castles and even dragons? well Mike The Knight is the popular and new animated TV show which is shown on the Cbeebies channel for preschool children which brings enchantment, responsibility and comedy to life!

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Determined to always do his best in every situation his favourite saying is “Be a Knight – Do it Right” and with his dad who just so happens to be the King of Glendragon away exploring its up to Mike to help protect the Kingdom…with a little help from Queen Martha of course.

The range of Mike the knight toys follows this little knight and his adventures in the Kingdom of Glendragon. These new preschool/toddlers toys are being based on the Cbeebies TV Show so you can expect to see play-sets, figures and even a talking plush!

Let us introduce you to Mike the Knight and his Family and Friends

Fun, cheeky and has a passion to help others Mike is a young knight-in-training who loves nothing more than doing the right thing. With a little help from his Big Book for little knights in training Mike soon learns the power of responsibility.

Never far from his closets friends: Sparkie who has a big appetite and loves life, Squirt who maybe small but his imagination is not he can even squirt water! They are both a pair of friendly dragons. He also has his trusty steed Galahad who understands everything mike says, he is brave and always dependable, Mike can always count on them when he needs a little helping hand.

Mike is the son of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Glendragon he also has a sister – Evie who is a wizard in training she is very competitive but she does have some magical mishaps. Evie has a pet frog Mr Cuddles who isn’t sure he likes to be called “Evies Pet” he has a dry sense of humor and can usually predict when things are going to go.

At the start of every new and exciting challenge mike gets all of his Armour on including his enchanted sword and his shield he is ready to face anything including horse riding, guarding the castle and he even knows how to save a Princess. You will notice that it is the funny Fernando who is the story teller of each episode.

The Cbeebies TV Show will feature over 50 episodes and it is designed to help teach children about responsibility, friendship and a whole lot more. You can catch these episodes Only on CBeebies, Weekdays at 4.05pm or on the BBC iPlayer.

The educational value of the show

Mike the Knight helps children to:

  • Learn about responsibilities.
  • Helping others.
  • Inspiration to always do the best to your ability.
  • Understand the importance of Friendships and Loyalty.
  • The value of Teamwork.
  • Consideration to others.
  • To appreciate their own personal self development.

Deluxe Glendragon Playset

In this Mike the Knight Deluxe Glendragon Playset preschool children will be able to send mike down the hidden slide. Get Galahad, Mike’s horse ready for another medieval adventure.

Recreate their favourite Mike the Knight TV episodes.

Mike the Knight Talking 10 inch Plush

You can help Mike with all of his magical adventures!

Listen to popular phrases from the Cbeebies TV show and even hear the famous opening themes tune with just a squeeze of his soft blue belly!

Mike the Knight Action Playset Viking Boat

Re-enact famous scenes and get up to no good (but all in the name of fun) with the trio vikings on the Mike the Knight Action Playset Viking Boat.

Suitable for ages 3 and older.

Mike the Knight Hairy Harry’s Horse Wash Playset

Make sure that Galahad is always ready for whatever adventure Mike the Knight takes him on by visiting Hairy Harry’s Horse Wash.

Suitable for age 3+

Makes a great addition to their Cbeebies Mike the Knight playsets

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