Mindy Candy and GREE reveal Moshi Monsters mobile games details

Mindy Candy and GREE reveal Moshi Monsters mobile games details

Mind Candy and GREE reveal details of two new Moshi Monsters mobile games – these are likely to be as big a success as the iTunes, toys and website.

Set to hit mobile devices in the autumn the new app are to be called Moshi Monsters Village and Moshi Monsters: Lost Islands.

The Village Moshi Monster is a 3D-style game which let’s you create and manage their own town in Pawberry Fields with help from Dewy at the DIY store. Player will take on the quest to help save the Moshlings from evil DR. Strangeglove via a host of different mini games.

The second game Moshi Monsters Lost Islands, is a colourful card collection and puzzle game which is bundled into one. Packed with all the fun and excitement you can expect from the world famous Moshi Monsters brand, you can combine card, build decks, play puzzle style mini games and even collect Moshi character card all the while exploring new island in the Moshi universe.

Watch the Moshi Monsters GREE youtube below.

Executive Direct of GREE – Tsuyoshi Tanaka said: ‘Having the Moshi Monsters brand within our line-up underlines our commitment to delivering great family friendly content direct to the consumer. Moshi Monsters is a hugely popular and successful global brand. We are very honored to be working with the team at Mind Candy to release these titles from the Moshi Monsters stable’.

As you can imagine, or like us hope, both games are going to be free-to-play just like previous GREE games. The kid friendly game will have us all hooked on the loud-mouthed, colourful critters that are moshi monsters.

Already the universe of moshi’s host over 60 million registered users and now bold statements from Michael Acton-Smith Chief executive of Mind Candy said that parents will buy their kids tablets and ipads to be able to play with these new apps.

Are you excited for Moshi Monsters to hit mobile devices? Do you think they will be Free? Comment below in the Comments Box…

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